Williamston schools implementing new bullying prevention program

By Eric Walters
Williamston Post staff writer

Williamston Middle School

Next fall, Williamston’s elementary and middle schools will introduce a new bullying prevention program.

The process began last year when Tanya Dupuis, the middle school’s former behavior coach, realized that bullying was dealt with in a reactive fashion. There was nothing in place to prevent bullying. Dupuis researched several programs, eventually choosing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. John Travis, the current behavior coach, said that the Olweus program was picked because it has data to back up its claims.

The Olweus program has three main goals within four main components. The three goals, as listed on the website, are to reduce existing bullying problems among students, prevent new bullying problems and achieve better peer relations at school. The components make the program unique by focusing on more than just the classroom. There are school, individual, classroom and community level components. This means that bullying will be monitored at all student activities, including their hang-out spots in the community.
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