The college admission SAT test has been redesigned

By Kelsey Clements
The Williamston Post

The PSAT and SAT have been redesigned as of this year. The new test will be scored differently than the previous SAT. Before, students were deducted points for every wrong question. Now, students will only be scored for correct answers. There is no punishment for guessing on a question, so students must strategically take the test in a different way.

McCormick Park getting makeover this spring

The Williamston Post
Caitlin DeLuca

McCormick Park will be undergoing serious updates this spring. The plan, which can be found on the city of Williamston’s website, outlines the six pieces that will be upgraded and six pieces that will be replaced completely. Some of the upgrades include all new swing sets, updates to the double slide, an upgraded climbing wall and a new tilted whirlwind seat. The exact start and end date of the project have not been set, but the total cost of the update will be over $17,000, none of which is taxpayer money.  

Williamston’s city engineer Scott De Vries said the update is necessary.

Williamstown Board of Trustees approves Red Cedar River excavation

The Williamston Post
Kelsey Clements

Builders have started unclogging a log-jammed section of the Red Cedar River in Williamstown Township as part of a construction project in Lansing. The Board of Trustees approved the wetlands project in a 4-1 vote on Feb. 10, ensuring that the complex of hotel, residential and retail planned for Clippert Street and Michigan Avenue can go forward. The law requires builders who disrupt a floodplain in one area — which is happening with the Lansing project — to improve wetlands in another area, which is where Williamstown comes in. Jason Hockstok is a civil engineer working for Continental Real Estate, the development company paying for the excavation in Williamstown.

5 questions with Andrew Hale

Andrew Hale is a pharmacist working at Sparrow Pharmacy Plus in downtown Williamston. What is your favorite thing about Williamston? Small town USA. That is this town summed up to me. What do you like to do in your free time?

5 questions with Teri Chamberlain

Teri Chamberlain is working part time with a company called Seniors Helping Seniors. They help seniors who want to stay in their homes. Today she was out with a lady who was getting her hair and nails done and then she will take her home afterwards. What is your favorite thing about Williamston? I think my favorite thing about Williamston is that it’s a small town and very historical.