Self-funded campaigns on the rise

By JAYLYN GALLOWAY Capital News Service LANSING – In 2016, President Donald Trump spent $66 million of his own funds on his campaign. He’s hardly the only politician to invest in his or her own career. The Legislature produced seven … Continue reading →

Female candidates outraised men

By NATALIE DYMKOWSKI Capital News Service LANSING — On average, female legislators in Michigan outraised their male counterparts in contributions to their own campaigns by more than $6,000 last year. That’s despite the fact that women may face more fundraising … Continue reading →

Do term-limited lawmakers get lazy?

By ERIC FREEDMAN LANSING — In 1992, Michigan voters approved the toughest-in-the-nation legislative term limits – two 4-year terms for senators, three 2-year terms for representatives. They did so overwhelmingly despite then-Attorney Gen. Frank Kelley’s admonition that the state already … Continue reading →

Too much information? Not enough trust?

By ERIC FREEDMAN Capital News Service LANSING — It sounds counterintuitive that most Americans claim that the “plethora of information” around us makes it increasingly difficult to be well-informed citizens. After all, there’s a 24/7 flow of information from mainstream … Continue reading →