Quick -Did You Know- Facts on Michigan State University's Tobacco-Free Campus

Smokers are feeling the heat not from law enforcement, but their peers

Michigan State enforced a tobacco-free campus beginning in August of 2016. Since then, it’s not the potential of a ticket that has smokers on edge –– it’s the disapproval from stares and comments made by their fellow peers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcrOvA1kBIY

Anywhere between 10 and 12 Newport Menthol 100s will get MSU senior Jacob Hicks through the day. Some of those smoke breaks happen at his duplex on Burcham Street, but some of them happen on MSUs 5,200 acre campus. And despite the campus enforcing a tobacco ban that went into effect August 15 of 2016, that’s not what has Hicks worried.

MSU freshman Sam Bryant talks to Sajjad Abdul while riding the CATA bus.

MSU students exercise their right to vote on Election Day

“It’s either you stand for something or fall for nothing,” said Michigan State University freshman Sam Bryant on voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. Thousands of MSU students feel the same way, with record-high numbers of new student voters registering to vote in this year’s election.

Community remembrance in Grand Ledge makes beautiful attraction

By Kaitlin Petrillo
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

Grand Ledge has offered a unique way to memorialize and honor loved ones in their community for years. Every April, the Grand Ledge garden club works with people in the area to sell geraniums, memorial plaques, and trees in honor of Grand Ledge residents. The purchase includes the tree, the planting, one year of maintenance, and insurance. “Memorializing a loved one really helps a family celebrate that life,” said Andrea Bregg, the manager and funeral director at McCabe’s Funeral Home. “You realize how fast time goes and I think it can really help the grieving process.

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Decades old MSU rec facilities overlooked by administration

Some of Michigan State’s recreational sports facilities we built in the early 1900’s, and are still in use today. While millions of dollars are being spent on additions to campus, Rec Sports Director Rick McNeil, says the MSU administration has not made these work out facilities a priority in upgrades. McNeil has recently sent in proposals of what existing space could be renovated. One of these proposals involves an emptied pool in IM Circle that has been closed down since the 80’s. Instead, McNeil thinks they should build a new, three-story work out facility in its place.

DeWitt is still not very diverse, but working on it

By Zachary Manning
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — The City of DeWitt has a clear lack of diversity and residents, city officials, school officials, and police have mixed reviews on why. According to the 2010 census, about 95 percent of DeWitt’s population is white, 1.4 percent is black, 0.9 percent is Asian, and 0.4 percent is American Indian. DeWitt’s white population is above the national average of 72.4 percent. DeWitt’s black population is below the national average of 12.6 percent. The Asian population in DeWitt is below the national average of 4.8 percent.