New research tackles Great Lakes regional problems

By ERIC FREEDMAN Capital News Service LANSING – We’re used to troubling news about the Great Lakes basin — Asian carp, zebra mussels, habitat degradation, fluctuating water levels, algal blooms, chronic wasting disease, lead-poisoned drinking water, endangered species and other … Continue reading →

More money sought to clean up brownfields

By AGNES BAO Capital News Service LANSING –  A new $79 million-a-year proposal from Gov. Rick Snyder would increase funding to protect Michigan’s environment, including $45 million to clean up and redevelop contaminated sites. Snyder plans to generate the money … Continue reading →

Chinese ban forces improvements in recycling

By AGNES BAO Capital News Service       LANSING – Headlines like “Recycling Chaos in U.S. as China Bans ‘Foreign Waste,’” “China’s Waste Import Ban Upends Global Recycling Industry” and “China’s Foreign-Waste Ban Could Have Recycling Repercussions in America” showed up … Continue reading →

New discovery on how sturgeon eat

By STEVEN MAIER Capital News Service LANSING — Sturgeon are sometimes called the “gentle giants” of the Great Lakes. That label may not apply to the violent projection of their jawbone during feeding, however. The jawbones of these ancient fish … Continue reading →