Recycle your home?

By LUCY SCHROEDER Capital News Service LANSING — You may recycle in your home, but did you know the building itself can be recycled? A group of researchers at Michigan State University studying the science of domicology — the term … Continue reading →

Reclaiming buildings can create jobs

By LUCY SCHROEDER Capital News Service LANSING — Sometimes deconstruction can yield surprising finds—like human body parts. Workers with Reclaim Detroit, a nonprofit deconstruction organization, once saw a human arm among other trash in the basement of a blighted house. … Continue reading →

New study could help Lansing fight vacancy rates

The campus of Lansing Catholic High School is clean and well-kept. The sidewalks are clear, the windows are intact. Walk a few streets over, though, and you won’t find much like it. The area surrounding the high school is riddled with vacant homes and buildings, something that parents and students definitely notice. “You drive by school and you see houses with boarded up windows and tall grass,” says Steven Izzo, a sophomore at Lansing Catholic.