Zoos hoping to breed large animals again

By CRYSTAL CHEN Capital News Service LANSING – Michigan zoos would again be allowed to breed large carnivores such as tigers and bears under a recently introduced bill. Since 2000, zoos must take their large carnivores, including lions, leopards, cougars, … Continue reading →

Killing cormorants legal again

By STEVEN MAIER Capital News Service LANSING — Culling season is coming quickly for a controversial Great Lakes waterfowl after it received a one-year reprieve. Control of the double-crested cormorant will return this spring when the bird returns from wintering … Continue reading →

Hard winter bad for deer, too

By KALEY FECH Capital News Service LANSING – With a prolonged winter in the Upper Peninsula, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is concerned about the impact the conditions will have on the region’s white-tailed deer. “Before this last storm … Continue reading →

Making environmental laws more effective

By LAUREN CARAMAGNO Capital News Service LANSING — A Port Huron angler once told Ethan Shirley that a fisherman’s job is to break the law as much as possible without getting caught. It’s a challenging attitude to overcome when enforcing … Continue reading →

Mercury’s match? Sex hormones

By STEPHEN MAIER Capital News Service LANSING — Sex hormones might be the secret for lowering mercury levels in fish and maybe humans, researchers say. States often issue consumption limits in areas with high concentrations of mercury in fish. The … Continue reading →

Piping plovers rebound on Great Lakes shores

By STEVEN MAIER Capital News Service LANSING — Piping plover advocates are looking to capitalize on the bird’s record-setting success last year by expanding habitat restoration efforts. Piping plover nests were found on the shores of all five Great Lakes … Continue reading →