Red Cedar Antiques offers chance to escape, wander in the ‘chaos’

Tucked away in a corner, in an otherwise small crevice of Red Cedar Antiques, a room labeled “comics” sits idly — scores of memories and nostalgia packing the cramped quarters. In another corner, sports memorabilia flashes the legacies of legends from Michigan State to nearby Detroit. Those particular items are owner Todd Goodrich’s brainchild, his fingerprints firmly planted on a number of goods within the store. Though it isn’t just him; he estimates he has around 26 dealers who stock his shelves with items from the past. “I really like comics, I like sports memorabilia,” Goodrich said.

Williamston grows in the ‘smart’ direction

Finding the thin line between expanding a community while holding on to it’s hometown environment is something Williamston has found. Through the expansion of its downtown with new apartment buildings and restaurants, the community has still managed to keep its label as a small-town neighborhood.

Three Cats, Many Books: A Cat-Filled Bookstore Provides a Unique Shopping Experience

By Danielle Duggan
Clinton County Chatter

St. Johns Book Exchange creates a unique atmosphere by having the owners Edwin and Gerty Lamb’s three cats, Snoopy, Boots, and Cuddles, wander around the store while customers shop. The animal trio adds a feeling of comfort and an inimitable experience. While flipping through books, customers are purred at and have their ankles stroked by the three cats. Due to the excellent behavior of the animals, customers are able to pet and play with them while they shop at the store, located at 121 N. Clinton Ave.