Setting up or updating your profile

User Profile

Users can update their profiles at any time by accessing the Profile menu in the Dashboard.

Users can update their own profiles at any time. Look for Profile in the left menu of the Dashboard.

Profiles should include the student’s first and last name, as the student wants the name to appear in bylines. For example, if Joseph Sparty wants to be Joe Sparty in his byline, then his first name should be “Joe.”

In the “Display name publicly as” field, choose the First Name Last Name combination (ie, Joe Sparty).

We strongly recommend students use their official MSU email addresses. Email addresses are shown publicly (allowing readers to contact you) only if the “Show Email Address” field is checked.

Users are strongly encouraged to complete the following fields:

  • Website (to a portfolio of the user’s work or other professional site)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Biographical Info
  • Profile Picture/Current Avatar

All other fields may be left as is.


New users will be given a password generated by the system. It can be updated by accessing the user’s profile.

Writing a biography

WordPress will become a portfolio for your journalism work at Michigan State, so it should have a bio with a professional photo. Write for your key audiences: people who read your work and potential employers you send to the WordPress page with your content.

You can update your bio whenever you like (people always forget to do this), but our style is to write evergreen bios that will not go out of date.

We write in the third person (no “I”) and avoid expressions that can become dated such as “this year,” “in the spring” and references to your class standing. Be concise.

This is a good durable format that will not need to be updated all the time:

Sam Spartan is a journalism major with a sports minor at Michigan State University. Her journalistic interests include sports injuries and medicine, the money of sports and volleyball, which she played in high school and college. She hopes to become a sports reporter for a news site that values breaking analysis and long-form sports journalism.