Watch Focal Point: Special Election Coverage

On this special election episode of Focal Point News, we break down everything leading up one of the most anticipated midterm election in years. From campaign trails to ballot proposals, Focal Point dissects each candidate, their values and what they would bring to Michigan’s leadership. The state was star-studded the weeks leading up to the election with appearances from past and present government officials including Vice President Mike Pence and former President Barack Obama. Some of the proposals on the ballot this year revolved around gerrymandering, the legalization of recreational marijuana and easier voting registration. All this and more on this election edition of Focal Point News.

Anti-gerrymandering effort appears headed for passage

Michigan appears headed toward a new process to draw political boundaries in the state. Proposal 2 would create an independent commission to draw districts for Michigan legislative and congressional offices. Proponents for the measure said the state had fallen victim to gerrymandering, a process by which voting districts are drawn in a way that secures seats for incumbents and their party.

Recreational marijuana proposal heading toward approval

Proposal 1, the decision on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan, appeared to be heading toward passage late Tuesday night. With about 55 percent of votes counted, the proposal was leading 58 percent to 42 percent in the polls according to The New York Times. The margin was more than 400,000 votes. The proposal would create a similar legal structure for marijuana use as for alcohol: People 21 and older would be allowed to use and possess the drug. There would be a 2.5 ounce limit per day on how much marijuana can be purchased and a 10 ounce limit on how much can be kept in the home, according to the Detroit Free Press.