Magic at Michigan State Madness

The annual Michigan State Madness was held at the Breslin on October 5. Doors opened at 8:30 to the public with ceremonies starting at 9:30. Fans attending the event where able to get autographs and pictures with the basketball teams before the real fun started. Special guests included the band and drum line, the cheerleaders, dance team, Sparty, both men and women basketball teams and of course both head coaches. However, this Michigan State Madness was more significant than years past.

Life Chain brings attention to abortion

On the first Sunday of October every year, thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. support millions of babies that are aborted with an hour of prayer. This year, they were on Grand River and Hagadorn holding up signs to protest, talking about how adoption is an underused option as an alternative to abortion. Members of the moment explained that a classroom of children get aborted everyday. Many believe that this is a problem in the United States, stating that its something worth fighting for. “A whole elementary school full of children are aborted every single week in Michigan, multiply that across the whole country, I think that is something that needs to change,” Life Chain member, Ed Rivet, said.

Watch Focal Point: College voters expected to be the highest, MSU is trying to reduce food waste and more

On this week’s episode of Focal Point News, college voter turnout is expected to be the highest in any midterm election. Plus, a Democratic candidate came to campus to hear the concerns of students. In campus, an MSU program is weighing how much food the nine dining halls are wasting. The homecoming parade was a success, we’ll look at how it went. In sports, we recap the loss against Northwestern and what the football team is hoping to do against Penn State.

Clean Plates at State weighs in on food waste

It’s dinner time at Case Hall on the Michigan State University campus. Students have endless options of food items at the nine on campus cafeterias. “I had the honey chicken with rice and brussel sprouts, mozzarella sticks and cantaloupe,” senior, Ellen Dipietro, said. “I ate it all”

Elizabeth Lytle, a department aid at the residential housing services on campus, doesn’t care what’s on the menu. She wants to know what’s on the plates after dinner.

The flock is getting lighter

“This is like a gift for MSU students,” Antione Taylor, an MSU student, said. 

Students say Bird scooters are getting hard to find and there are a lot less zipping in-and-out of traffic on-campus. That’s because MSU Police have impounded at least 140 of these electric scooters. MSU Police Captain, Doug Monette, says the department is treating Birds like they would any other type of motor vehicle. 

“They can’t be driven on the sidewalks,” Monette said. “There has been situations where officers have educated people as well as enforcement.” The bike lanes are not a place for the scooters either. 

“The bike lanes are for bikes, not motorized vehicles,” Monette said.

MSU alum bringing something sweet to East Lansing

David Yuan is a man with big dreams, dreams that started when he was a boy. Growing up he was the oldest, with high expectations and responsibilities. “This was really just gods plan,” Yuan said. “The most influence that I got was from my mom, dad, Grandpop.” David was born in America, but spent ten years of his childhood from age three to fourteen in Indonesia.

Gretchen Driskell visits with MSU Democrats

Democratic congressional candidate, Gretchen Driskell, made a campaign stop on campus this week. Driskell is running against Michigan’s current congressman, Tim Walberg, in the 7th district. Walberg has been in office since 2011. Tuesday’s meet and greet with students was small and personal, which allowed plenty of time for questions. MSU isn’t in the 7th district, but Driskell said meeting college students and finding out what they care about is an important part of her campaign.

Your name will get you free Starbucks

A new promotion is taking place at the three Starbucks locations on campus, all thanks to just having a first name. Each location will have a chalkboard placed at the register. If your name is written on that board, you get any coffee you’d like, for free! Don’t be too worried if you have a unique name, it is ran through an MSU database system too randomly choose. “All the staff, students, and faculty is all included, so it’s not like we pick the most basic names,” supervisor, Samantha Diamond said.

The Birds have landed

A flock of never before seen birds are taking over campus. 

“They’re here. The birds have landed,” Bird catcher, Mike Thompson, said. 

But, we’re not talking about birds you see in the sky. We’re talking the Bird scooters that are zipping in and out of traffic. “They’re really fun, they go like 15 miles an hour, they’re great,” Thompson said. Mike Thompson is a ‘Bird Catcher.’

A new app could change how you check your blood pressure

A Michigan State University team has created something new that may change the way that people check your blood pressure. Engineering professor Ramakrishna Mukkamala and a team of PhD students have created a simple way to check your blood pressure after years of tests and experiments. The app was created to simplify the current process of checking your blood pressure. The app requires you to hold your finger on the screen, adjust the lines and hold it down while the app calibrates your blood pressure. The BP number appears at the top and two graphs calculate the blood pressure prediction.