Okemos schools upgrade their safety provisions

Okemos schools have a long running reputation of being a top quality school district. “The reputation was outstanding and still is,” said Dean Bolton, president of the Okemos Board of Education. “My wife and I chose to live in Okemos solely based on the school system.”

However, parents are still nervous to send their kids off to school there every day. Kristen Brooks is a mom of two students in Okemos schools and is a founding member of the steering committee for the Secure Our Schools Organization. This organization promotes to keep doors locked while their kids are inside every day.

Rodeo World Changes A Life

A city girl trades dirt for concrete and asphalt every chance she gets. “Everyone wants to know how did I get into this sport because I am black,” Animal Science junior, Khalilah Smith, said. 

Smith said she got into the Rodeo World because her mom was trying to find something to suppress her ADHD. “And that actually brought my grades up, my attitude skyrocketed, and in class, I was more attentive,” she said. Smith has grown to love the sport and her horse so much, she’s a little bit of herself within. “Blue is kind of like my hungry fat self, he’s like I see food, I’m gonna go get food,” Smith said.

Watch Focal Point: CMU shooting, flooding in IM West and more

John Engler has been interim president for less than a month, we take a look at how students think he’s handling his new position. Also, the ‘Bern’ is back. Plus, the Ski Club had to make a tough decision when it came to one of their annual traditions. In sports, we head over to Skandalaris Football Center for the football teams first spring practice.

New President For MSU

John Engler has quickly adjusted into his position making decisions and executing plans to move forward as his first few weeks as interim president. Hiring Public Relations, Law, and Investigative firms to help move him through the Nassar scandal. “He started day one, and it wasn’t like it was a start up, he started making moves, moving through, and moving people in,” John Truscott, Engler’s public relations said. Forming an expert advisory work group for relationship violence and sexual misconduct. This group will look into previous and future reports to reorganize the universities workshops like Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV).

We Will Not Be Ignored

On a morning where members of the MSU community they thought they would be a part of a conversation, they ended up in a crowd outside. Inside the Hannah Administration building, the Board of Trustees were making decisions that didn’t sit well with many.