Sex Expo held by the University Activities Board

Michigan State’s University Activities Board held a Sex Expo to educate students. Caroline Poole, UAB event programmer, said that it is difficult attracting students to educational events.”We really wanted that engaging component but we also wanted it to be educational,” Alessandra Alvares-Paines, freshman, said she enjoyed the games provided by the fraternity and learned some new things. “I’ve learned phrases for things like the actual term names and I’m learning about other ways to keep safe sex,” Paines said.

Mike Ilitch Memorial

“A life well lived;”Detroit remembers Mike Ilitich

Freezing cold temperatures didn’t stop Detroiters from lining up outside the Fox Theater to pay their respects to Mike Ilitch on February 15. The public memorial for the owner of the Tigers, Red Wings, and Little Ceasar’s Franchise had thousands in attendance to commemorate the life of Mr. I.

“There are very few people who fill the room, even when they’re not there,” said Olympia Entertainment CEO Tom Wilson about Mr. I.

Mike Ilitch’s son Christopher Ilitch has primarily ran the business for the last 10 years, and will now fully take over Ilitch Holdings. For Detroiters like Kim Erickson, Ilitch stuck by the city, when no one else was. “He never gave up…he just kept plugging along. That’s why we’re at where we are today, because of him”

Mike Ilitch died at 87 years old.

The Legend of the Red Jacket

The red jacket is a symbol of Beaverton basketball. Roy Johnston, head coach of the Beaverton boy’s high school basketball team cemented his legacy by becoming the all-time wins leader for boy’s high school basketball in the state of Michigan. “He’s a fantastic man,” Athletic Director Ryan Roberts said. “He has meant so much to so many kids over the years.” With 15 district titles and five regional championships Johnston is still climbing new heights but what he means to the town of Beaverton, means a lot more.

Michigan State addresses Immigration Ban

By Chloe Kiple

Michigan State hosted an informational meeting days after President Trump issued an executive order banning immigration from seven countries. While many came with questions, university officials could only offer a little more than support. “We can’t change anything about the executive order,” said one speaker. “We are committed to supporting you.”

MSU faculty from the Office of International Students and Scholars addressed a jam-packed lecture hall in the international center. Lawyer Marie LaComb flipped through a powerpoint detailing the specifics of the ban.