Makeup brands encouraged to bring diversity to foundation

Looking for the right color foundation can be pretty tricky. It can be especially hard when makeup companies don’t provide a color match that’s for your complexion. Tarte Cosmetics recently got called out for their lack of diversity in shades of foundation. The company released a new line of Shape Tape Foundations in both matte and hydrating formulas. Like many other makeup brands, Tarte failed to provide enough variety in the shades in its new release to complement all skin tones.

Four students from Detroit thrive in the beauty industry

Harmoni Florence, Lexus Ferrell, Dejah Greason and Saqoyia Price are all graduating seniors at Michigan State University who took their own crafts of the beauty industry and started local business near the Michigan State Campus. Coincidentally, these four ladies are all from the same high school, Detroit’s Cass Technical. Harmoni Florence is a senior at MSU studying human development and family studies. Florence started her hair business during her sophomore year and more recently added makeup to her services. “I had friends that would let me practice different types of styles on them until I perfected them.

Student organizations raise over $1,500 for charity on Valentine’s Day

Money doesn’t guarantee love, but for these MSU students it guaranteed a date. In collaboration with multiple student organizations on campus, The Gentleman’s Club hosted a charity date auction on Valentine’s Day which raised $1,565. All proceeds from the event were donated to the American Heart Association and Send a Kid to Prom, a foundation that funds prom expenses for high school students. “I thought the turnout was great,” said senior Tameron Baker, the creator of the organization. “I think for the first auction it went great, we raised more money than I thought we would get.”

Students find potential causes and ways to control acne breakouts


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States, affecting at least 50 million people every year. Acne usually occurs during puberty and usually affects adolescents and young adults. Acne can be caused by  factors such as overactive oil glands, hormones, emotional stress and foods with a high glycemic load as well as sweets. In a non-scientific Spartan Newsroom poll of 70 people on Twitter, 44 percent between the ages of 16-26 stated they thought eating greasy food, sweets or drinking soda caused an acne breakout every time they digested these foods. Nine percent said their diet does not cause an acne breakout and 47 percent reported that sometimes it does. Sarah Bradford, 18, from Southfield, Michigan, is one of those people who watches what she eats due to acne breakouts from particular foods.

Is my hair included on my resume?


Standards for most professional environments, is tailored pants or skirt, blazers and blouses, heels and ties. But is natural hair included on a resume? Most professional employers would agree that hair in a professional setting should be well groomed, clean and in a natural color state. When it comes to men and women with natural, heat and chemical-free hair styles such as afros, dreads, braids, and curls, the question of are you are good enough starts.   

Although, the “big chop” wave is on the rise and natural hairstyles are more embraced today, African-Americans are facing dilemmas in the workplace wearing their natural hair.

Your personal style can impact your mood

What does it mean to dress for class? Some students’ “go-to” is a pair of sweats and an oversized crew neck. Some crawl to class in whatever they went to bed in. For others, like Sheridan Leatherberry and Ashton Keys, it’s a bit more than that. Ashton Keys is studying architecture at Michigan State University.

What’s the obsession with coconut oil?

In your hair, on your body, in your food or coffee or as a cooking oil, it’s commonly thought that coconut oil can do the trick for many of our ailments and can make our food or drinks even more delicious with its texture, taste. However, there aren’t many studies that show that there are actual health benefits from consuming or using coconut oil. “There is no convincing evidence of any health benefits. Many claims on websites and in commercial literature have said that coconut oil is a healthy fat in terms of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, helping with weight loss, and increasing satiety,” said Peggy Crum, MA, RD, a registered dietitian and nutritionist for Health4U, MSU’s health promotion program for faculty, staff, graduate student employees, and retirees in an email. Crum says that a rise in popularity is related to health claims that are lacking consistent evidence.

Drugstore vs high-end makeup: Can you get beat on a budget?

Every day, beauty influencers are trying new looks and creating new ways to use different types of makeup. With new products comes new responsibility. The beauty market is rapidly expanding, leaving consumers with tons of beauty brands to choose from. Makeup is sold everywhere these days. You can find makeup necessities in department stores, grocery stores and everywhere in between.