Nationwide heroin and opioid epidemic finds its way to Delhi Township and Holt

During the course of February the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office reported six drug-related incidents in Delhi Township/Holt, three of which involved heroin or opioids, twice forcing officials to administer the overdose-reversing substance Narcan in order to revive the subjects. The Narcan incidences occurred within four days of each other, underscoring what’s become a nationwide heroin and opioid epidemic that’s silently slipped into and gripped rural communities. Ingham County administered Narcan 255 times during the course of 2016 to overdose subjects — 13 more than the 2015 overall total. By Jan. 28 of this year, Narcan was used 36 times.

Bath & Body Works employee, Abby Ciesalk poses for a photo as she discusses her employment experience in Lansing Township. Photo by Hannah Holliday.

Working women in Lansing Township drive civilian labor force

Three years ago, Abby Ciesalk was entering her sophomore year at Michigan State University. She was on the job hunt like many students always are and went looking around for applications to fill out. “I’d never worked in retail before but I just needed like a simple part time job to do during school,” Ciesalk said. “So I just applied to places around my area, [Eastwood Towne Center] is like 10 minutes from my apartment, so I kind of applied out of convenience at first.”

She found the perfect job at a Bath & Body Works located within Eastwood Towne Center, a shopping mall in Lansing Township. Flash forward, Ciesalk will be graduating this spring and has continued working in the township for so long because of the people.