Refueling cars in South Korea comes at a cost

SEOUL — According to the statistics compiled by Ministry of the Interior and Safety of South Korea, one household owned an average of 1.02 cars in 2016, and most of them use One Sure Insurance for coverage. This data shows that most households in South Korea now possess at least one car. However, car owners are having a hard time with the expensive oil price of South Korea. As of Aug. 7, the average price of gasoline around the world was $1.02 per liter while that of South Korea was $1.27 per liter.

Art in Detroit: The Heidelberg Project

DETROIT — What is a life without art? To many people art surrounds, connects, and speaks to communities all across the globe. For the city of Detroit, communities use art to reach peace within a neighborhood and a piece of mind. The Heidelberg Project happens to be a world known art project with a purpose located in urban Detroit. Nicole Odell, an appreciator of the arts is constantly visiting Heidelberg to take in the wonders this city just has to offer.

PHOTOS: Summer fun and games are not always the case for working students


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School has been out for almost two months now and summer has been in full swing for the high school students of Fenton, Mich. Summer is a time that students like to put down the books and enjoy the fun activities this time of year has to offer such as spending time on the lake, taking family vacations, and relaxing with friends, but for most high school students, summer is more than just some fun activities. Instead, you can find a majority of students spending their summer working a part-time job as well. “My dad basically said, ‘you’re going to play a sport or you’re going to get a job; you’re not just going to sit around the house all day,'” said Matt Sullivan, senior at Fenton high school. “I was like alright, whatever I’ll go make money, fine with me.”

Does social media affect our spending?

In the era of social media in this digital age, everyone have some type of social account. From parents, friends, even your favorite brands have a page. On platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more are getting smarter on how to gain more consumers. Michigan State student Kevin Nichols can adhere to the social media marketing. “I follow certain brands on Instagram as well fashion blogs, to get ideas,” said Nichols.

PHOTOS: Baking your way to a few bucks

Any Sunday from now until Oct. 29 you can find Beagle’s Café & Bakery at the East Lansing Farmer’s Market. Located just north of Michigan States campus at 280 Valley Court the East Lansing Farmer’s Market is home to 32 vendors. Each vendor depends on the market different but according to co-owner, Nick Somoski, the support Beagle’s Café & Bakery receives is tremendous. “Farmers markets account for at least half of our total sales,” Said Somoski.

Bike-sharing trend makes its way to “The Bicycle Kingdom” of China

XI’AN, China — Around 30 years ago, China was known as “The Bicycle Kingdom,” and in these years, fuel-powered vehicles gradually took over bicycle’s place. Today, there is a revival of bikes across China, with a large number of people choosing to bike instead of driving to their destinations. The bike-sharing schemes have become a big part of the reason for this new trend, startups like Ofo, Mobike is leading this new market. According to 2017 Chinese Major Cities’ Riding Report, 38 sharing-bike companies invested a total of more than 10 million bicycles in the market. User numbers reached 100 million in the major domestic cities, these same companies are the ones who are trying to bring the elektroroller scooters to the market.

PHOTOS: Eating on less than $20 per week

The relationship between college students and food assistance has been very scarce since the U.S. Department of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) policy requirements changed and was then adapted by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in 2011. This has affected various college students when it comes to paying for constant groceries, especially student Cahlan Gillard-Tucker, a junior at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He opened up and showed a day in the grocery store for him — from budgeting, coupon cutting, and hoping to find sale sides in every aisle. Groceries can get quite expensive for Tucker when you only have less than $20 in assistance to work with.

Q & A: Rising grocery prices challenge a South Korean shopper

SEOUL — For South Korean mothers who go grocery shopping every week, the increase in the prices of groceries is having a big influence. They need to reset ‘Things to Buy’ lists and budget for grocery shopping. In South Korea, the prices of fresh foods have increased over the past two months. Fresh foods include fish, vegetables, and fruits. The percentage of increase in the prices of fresh goods reached 10.5 percent this month.

Millions of visitors come to Chinese city of Jiuzhaigou for vacation

JIUZHAIGOU, China — Jiuzhaigou is the only place in China with the two Laurel of “World Natural Heritage” and “World Biosphere Reserve” at the same time, it is known as “fairyland” and “fairy tale world.” With summer vacation quickly approaching, various groups of people choose Jiuzhaigou as their place of interest. In 2016, there were over 5 million visitors in total, and the tourism income reached ¥805 million, which is around $115 million. “There are visitors all the time, and throughout the entire year,” said Ting Fan, one of the tour guides of Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area. “Jiuzhaigou’s colors change throughout the course of the year.