Williamston residents consider food waste

The produce aisle is unlike any other part of a grocery store. Vibrant produce sticking out at every turn while sprinklers shower fruits and vegetables with water to keep them hydrated. All of this time and effort is used to sell food, but some of that hard work will be for nothing. But this subject is a lot more complex than meets the eye. It has many different parts that negatively impact our society.

Meridian Mall looks to avoid the growing list of dead malls

Think back to the days you rode with your parents and friends to the mall, excited to finally buy that cool new pair of shoes or an outfit. You were greeted with the smell of warm pretzels at the food court and the sound of cheerful kids running around in the play area and arcade. The mall was the town’s hotspot, and now they’re closing faster than ever. Meridian Mall now battles the struggle of losing stores to online shopping. Dead — or malls with a high vacancy rate — are often due to advances in technology, online shopping and delivery services.

Michigan State racing team is ‘full-time go’

East Lansing has a hidden need for speed. One of the few signs on campus of Michigan State’s Formula Racing team is the small trailer tucked behind Snyder-Phillips Hall. But once you take a closer look, there’s so much more to uncover. The team’s shop is located on Jolly Road in Okemos, about a 15-minute drive southwest from the heart of MSU’s campus. Every night, the shop is busy, as about 20 people work machining, measuring, cutting, drilling, simulating and more.