Schools partner with Lansing Police Department for trauma relief

Lansing Public School District will be implementing a program called Handle with Care starting in January 2018. The program will provide assistance to students of all grades who have experienced trouble with the law in the past 24 hours. “The goal ultimately is to create trauma-informed school districts, environments and communities,” said Karlin Tichenor the Executive Director for School Culture department. Tichenor said that the program will offer counseling if the student wants it and will open the door to other resources. The program is part of a growing national movement that started in West Virginia.

The war on opium in Lansing

The opioid epidemic in America is a major problem that has only gotten worse over the past several decades, affecting countless people and families. In October, President Trump officially declared opiate addiction a public health emergency. Former opiate addict Matthew Kronner said that the worst part for him was the stigma of being an addict. “When your friends and family find out it’s one of two ways,” Kronner said. “He’s a junkie, burnout and loser or let’s get him help.”

Kronner also said he believes that the stigma gave him a different perspective on drug addicts, seeing them people who lost their way rather than just losers with poor self-control.

York Project uses social media to target specific demographics for their clothing lines. They also post hip and trendy photos to appeal to their customers.

Social media is changing how businesses market to customers

Think about how many times you go Facebook a day. It happens so frequently that sometimes we don’t even realize we log on or click on the app. “Let’s face it. When we wake up, the first thing we usually do is check our Facebook,” said Jomer B. Gregorio, who runs a startup digital marketing business and is a professional Internet marketer in the Philippines. “No matter who you are or what you do, social media is a part of your life whether you realize it or not.”

That fundamental change to people’s routines is driving big changes in how companies market themselves to consumers. Digital technologies — and the massive amount of data social media services and websites collect about their users — now allow companies to target potential customers based on their demographics, including location, income, age and occupation.

Female athletes battle body image portrayals in media

Michigan State University track and field athlete Denise Spann focuses a lot of time and energy on her body. That’s because she’s focused on trying to perform her best on the track, said Spann, a junior from Coconut Creek, Florida. Muscle structure and body weight can play a significant role in how an athlete performs.

But, Spann said, media portrayals of female athletes seem too focused almost entirely on how women look and not on how athletic they are. “Most of the time they just want to see a beautiful girl play a sport, because there’s a stigma in certain sports that you can’t be beautiful and be one of the best,” Spann said. “I think that the focus should be on the skill, because female athletes do work so hard to be good at their craft, only for it be overshadowed by the way they look, or how their body looks.”

Increased anxiety

Michigan State kinesiology professor Dan Gould studies sports psychology for all age levels of athletes and said having insecurities about your body can lead to increased anxiety and worry.

High school trainers focus on proper injury care

Marci Abraham, an athletic trainer at East Lansing High School, said coaching and training staffs have put a greater focus in the last two years on recognizing and reporting possible concussions and head injuries in high school sports. But concussions aren’t the only injuries trainers and coaches see. She said a majority of the injuries she’s seen have been ankle sprain/strains, thigh (quad, hamstring, and groin) strains, shin splints and back pain. Those injuries are common in all sports, Abraham said. She said athletic training staff try to injuries in many different ways. “We try to combat these and all injuries by encouraging all our athletes to take their warmup session at the beginning of practice seriously and focused, not to goof off during it,” she said.