Mason technology upgrades mean new learning experiences

By Michelle Paetow
Mason Times staff writer

Mason High School juniors, Chris Karcher (back) and William Wilson (front) use the Kindles in their English class.

Mason Public Schools has upgraded technology to make learning more fun and efficient for students and teachers.

Mason Public Schools used about $25,000 of Title 1A grant money, a federal grant for at-risk students, Title 2A grant money, used for professional development and technology, and MTIP money specifically for the Mason Technology Infusion Plan for the upgrades in technology.

Originally, the technology plan was created so each class room would be a smart classroom with a document camera, data projector and a SMART board. As technology has changed, so have the guidelines for the money. Teachers in the elementary schools will be receiving iPads for the classroom.

Bruce Barbour, executive director of curriculum, said, “It’s very exciting technology. Instead of the student going up to the SMART board, they are able to manipulate the problem or equation on the iPad that comes to them,” said Barbour. “We have had positive feedback from the teachers thanking us for the new technology, but it is too early to see if they are really getting use from them.I absolutely believe that in the next five to years, that we will be reading textbooks from a device. That is the future of education. Kids’ smart phones are now better than the computers sitting on the teachers desks.”

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