Kind-hearted chiropractor gives back to customers, community


Marty Rich, Innate Chiropractic patient since 2006.

By Tyler Hendon
Holt Journal staff writer

Dennis Weinstein believes that if you help others then good things come back to you. That is why on February 25th his business, Innate Chiropractic, celebrated its 10 year anniversary of being in Michigan with a Hawaiian Style Customer Appreciation Day. The Innate Chiropractic family and their loyal patients celebrated with food, fun and free sessions from Dr. Dennis Weinstein himself.

Marty Rich was one of those patients. She has been coming to Innate Chiropractic since 2006 and says she loves it. Rich works often and feels that Innate Chiropractic’s accommodation for customers works well for her.

“I don’t have to make an appointment here so I can come in whenever I want.”

Rich has had problems with her back and neck that she says weren’t relieved by other chiropractors. She has found a home with Innate Chiropractic. She spoke highly of Weinstein and his staff.


The “no longer needed” Wall

“Dennis is wonderful. He’s not like some chiropractors that try to sell you all types of vitamins and want you to come in a lot.

Innate Chiropractic actually has a wall for drugs that their patients no longer feel they have to take. Known as The “no longer needed” Wall, it is filled with prescriptions from Weinstein’s patients old drugs. Kelli Foreman has worked at Innate Chiropractic for five years. She originally came because of lower back problems.

“People bring in the things they don’t need any more” said Foreman.

Dr. Dennis Weinstein serves a young patient.

Dennis is originally from Jamaica Queens, NY. He did his undergrad at University Of Connecticut and has 13 years of experience as a chiropractor. His cousin sparked his interest in chiropractics.

“My cousin gave me my first session and I really enjoyed it. I thought this is cool, I want to do this” Weinstein said.

Dennis said that he’s not a big t.v. guy so he likes to spend his time giving to organizations. They include The Michigan History Foundation, Mid Michigan Food Bank, the Lansing Sheriff Department, Angel House Child and Family Services and the YMCA to name a few. Dennis said that he wants to see change and simply cares about people.

“If your blessed, you might as well become a blessing” he said.

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3 Responses to Kind-hearted chiropractor gives back to customers, community

  1. He is such a very nice person, helping others in many ways. Good things will comeback to him someday.

  2. A commendation to such overwhelmingly concise kind hear ted chiropractic care, as helping others makes great things come back to you. Also providing kids with help for kinks, and other pain from injury makes me feel exuberant. I remember not being able to turn my neck at 12, due to hurting myself at the playground, and the Kid Chiropractor fixed it 1st visit. Thanks for the Resources, and positive community presence.

  3. Walt Sorg says:

    And Dr. Dennis regularly provides his patients with hot cider, the perfect way to end an adjustment! His emphasis on helping his patients and being a good neighbor for folks in Holt and South Lansing is just the best!

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