Race to remember

By Marina Petz
Holt Journal staff writer

Holt Hero Run race director John Bush stands with Delhi Township Trustee John Hayhoe.

Holt Hero Run race director John Bush stands with Delhi Township Trustee John Hayhoe.

Sept 11, 2001, will forever be remembered as one of the saddest days the United States faced. To honor those who lost their lives that day and those who serve overseas to protect our country,John Bush of Holt established the Hero 5K Run and Walk. Continue reading

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Curbside pickup of winter debris in Delhi Township begins April 21

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

It seems like Michiganders can never really get away from the snow.

Even as we begin to shed layers and venture outside, pesky piles of slush continue to remind us of our snowiest winter on record. For those in Delhi Township, help is on the way.

At their April 1 meeting, the Delhi Township Board of Trustees hoped to bring awareness to the curbside pickup of winter debris that will begin on Monday, April 21.

This free service will begin in central Holt, and then move on to surrounding streets. The board expects all pickups to be accomplished within six weeks. They are asking for patience during this process.

“Obviously, this year we’ve had an abnormal amount of debris,” said Township Clerk Evan Hope. “We are going to provide weekly updates, with maps, on our website to keep residents up to date.”

Crews from Barnhart & Son, Inc. will be chipping and hauling debris into trucks from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekday until the streets are clear.

“This is going to be a community effort,” said Township Supervisor C.J. Davis. “Which is why we are asking for people to help out their neighbors that may not be able to move debris.”

Residents are being asked to haul any debris to the curb by April 21. The chipper being used cannot receive branches that are larger than 8 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter.

Davis noted that Delhi Township is “moving quicker than surrounding communities” to solve the debris issue – but one public attendee of Tuesday’s meeting is not so sure.

“This is something that should have been done three months ago,” said Holt resident Mike Hamilton. “You knew about the brush there, and now you’re scrambling to get the word out.”

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Delhi Township applies for art grant

By Marina Petz
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township Board of Trustees passed a Public Art Policy during its Feb. 18th meeting that allowed the township to apply for a grant to help improve art throughout the community.

“Art can be any type of form,it is in the eye of the beholder.” said Delhi Township Trustee John Hayhoe. “Voting this policy in got the board members excited, we can form a committee and see about different things we can do to spruce up the community.”

“Art can be any type of form,it is in the eye of the beholder.” said Delhi Township Trustee John Hayhoe. “Voting this policy in got the board members excited, we can form a committee and see about different things we can do to spruce up the community.”

Continue reading

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Board discusses art and sidewalks for the future

By Marina Petz
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township held its annual second meeting of the month on Tuesday, Feb. 18, to discuss matters including a public arts policy and drainage district sidewalk improvement.
Continue reading

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Holt High remains hopeful after early season cancellations

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

One of the harshest Michigan winters on record is causing games to be canceled and forcing practices indoors as Holt High’s spring sport season begins.

The Rams’ coaches and athletes can do nothing but wait for field conditions to improve.

“We’re just being patient, waiting for the snow to melt,” said Holt Athletic Director Rick Schmidt. “All other schools in the area are going through the same difficulties.”

With Holt’s spring break scheduled for April 7-11, most teams should be preparing to play their first game this week. Instead, swamped fields and inclement weather have already forced cancellations.

Prior to Spring Break, Holt's baseball fields were still snow-covered - and unplayable.

Prior to Spring Break, Holt’s baseball fields were still snow-covered – and unplayable.

Both the girls and boys lacrosse teams had games cancelled over the weekend. The baseball team, scheduled to play Lansing Catholic on March 26, also had its first non-conference bout cancelled.

“Rescheduling is difficult because a makeup date doesn’t always work for both schools,” said Schmidt. “It’s more important than ever to stay organized this sports season.”

Meanwhile, the track and field team is preparing for its first pre-season meet, March 25, at Michigan State University’s Jenison Field House. The indoor meet stands no chance of being canceled.

The Rams have already taken up a positive attitude to deal with being confined inside.

“I look at this season as a ‘glass half-full’ situation,” said Rams’ pole vault coach Grant Melville. “We’re losing space being indoors, but that also provides a better chance for team bonding.”

Track and field members are getting an opportunity to stay in shape with other teammates they wouldn’t typically see during an outdoor practice.

Still, students are anxious to get outside.

“You’re definitely limited practicing indoors,” said junior Brandon Brinkman, a discus and shotput participant. “I’m looking forward to a different routine when the weather clears up.”

Until then, the Rams wait. As snow melts and temperatures rise, there remains hope of salvaging almost all of the scheduled games. Spring break will hopefully provide a week for the grass fields to improve.

“We’re not discouraged any more than previous years,” said Schmidt. “It’s easy to forget that the Upper Peninsula deals with the same thing every spring.”

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Medical pot gets hearing at Holt commission hearing, heading for public input

Kaylonni Hunter
Holt Journal Staff Writer

Medical Marijuana caregivers of Holt are reluctant to apply for, and receive, permits that are required to certify that their location is appropriate for dispensing the drug.  Following Holt’s planning commission discussion, the issue will be brought to a public hearing.

<Listen to story>





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Holt Tween Wins Prize in White Cloud Contest

By Sarah Waldrop
Holt Journal staff writer

Rylee Raine Schrader, 12, of Holt placed third on Feb. 3 in the Miracle Design contest sponsored by White Cloud. By placing third nationwide, Rylee won one of the grand prizes consisting of 15,000 dollars for Sparrow Hospital and a year long supply of White Cloud products.

Contestants had to belong to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and competed by designing a cover to White Cloud’s facial tissue boxes. Many of the contestants, including Rylee, are battling serious, life-long illnesses.

Rylee was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2013 and has been adapting to the changes that come with it ever since. However, insulin shots and a monitored eating schedule are not keeping her from pursuing her dream of acting.

Fourth-place contestant Obi Chritenson remained in close standing with Rylee throughout the completion. Nearing the end of the voting, Obi’s battle with cancer worsened and the support for the La Crescent, Minn., boy poured in.

When the voting ended, the unofficial tally showed that Rylee had surpassed Obi by 82 votes.

“Unofficial results show me in 3rd place. I would prefer that you give that 3rd place to Obi’s design,” Rylee posted to White Cloud’s Facebook page Sunday Feb. 2. Rylee’s request was not granted by White Cloud. Instead, the company made Obi an honorary winner along with the other top three contestants.

Giving up Rylee’s standing was a hard decision but ultimately it was the right thing to do and down to what Rylee chose to do, said Jodi Schrader of her daughter.

“It was a mix of emotions,” admitted Rylee, “I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.” Shocked by even being in the running for the grand prize, Rylee and her family are extremely happy with White Cloud’s decision to extend the winners to the top four contestants.

The winning designs, including Rylee’s and Obi’s, will be available to purchase at Wal-Mart stores June 1. “It will be surreal to actually hold that box knowing that it was something that she made,” said Schrader of her daughter’s winning design.

photo provided by Jodi Schrader

Rylee's struggle with diabetes is not holding her back from pursing her dream of modeling and acting.

Rylee’s struggle with diabetes is not holding her back from pursing her dream of modeling and acting.

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Fight the Cold

By Sarah Waldrop
Holt Journal staff writer

Besides snow fights and snowmen, this winter has also caused record-breaking sub-zero temperatures and snowfall. With the bitter cold, reports of illnesses and injuries have become more common.

“The most common things that I have seen are rib, ankle, shoulder and back injuries related to slipping and falling on the ice,” McLaren Redi Care physician Ra Scott Lazzara said. McLaren Redi Care is an urgent care facility working through McLaren Greater Lansing hospital.

Broken bones, sprains and bruising are caused by layers of snow covering sheets of ice. Many people are losing their balance outdoors because that layer of ice is not visible underneath the snow. “These injuries do not necessarily have to happen in public places, they could be on your front porch,” Lazzara said.

The weather is not necessarily the direct cause when it comes to having the cold or the flu. The cold temperatures and dehydration weaken the immune system, but ultimately it is being stuck indoors with recirculating germs that cause these illnesses. Drinking plenty of water, staying active and following more recommendations from Sparrow Medical Group and McLaren Redi Care can deter some of these illnesses.

“As far as flu shots go, typically you want to get them anywhere between late October through early December,” Lazzara recommends. It takes the antibodies from the shot about four to six weeks to properly protect the body against the virus. If the flu shot is administered too late, there is no guarantee that the body will be protected in time for flu season. A new strand of the flu comes out every year, making it beneficial to renew the flu shot annually, Dr. Lazzara said.

Cold temperatures also bring about a risk of frostbite to hands, feet and the nose. Not wearing proper boots or layers can cause symptoms such as bluing of the skin and pain. To treat symptoms of frostbite, gradually heat the area with warm water. If the symptoms continue seek medical treatment, Lazzara said.

Different types of illnesses and injuries happen in winter than in summer. Snow, ice and cold temperatures can turn a snowball fight into a battle with the weather.

Recommendations to fight illness and injury from Sparrow Medical Group and McLaren Redi Care:
· Hand hygiene
· Wear layers and supportive boots
· Drive safely
· If sick, stay home
· Change furnace filter frequently
· Stay hydrated
· Remain active
· Get enough sleep

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Holt Lions Club annual Easter flower sale fundraiser

By Sophie Smith
Holt Journal staff writer

Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are great for Easter, too!

The Holt Lions Club has begun its annual Easter flower sale. The sale is the club’s longest running fundraising event. It was started in 1969, according to club President Ray Robins.

The Lions work to better the Holt/Delhi Township community. According to their Facebook page, when valid needs are not being met by the government, church or charity, the Lions step in. The international motto for Lions clubs all over is “We Serve.”

Fresh tulips are a perfect flower for spring.

Fresh tulips are a perfect flower for spring.

Over the years, the Holt Lions Club has continued to provide lilies, tulips and hyacinths around Easter time for churches and the public. In the last few years, daffodils have been available as well, Robins said.

“Money raised from the sale goes into our project fund to be used in the future to carry out many service activities in the community,” said Robins.

Holt resident Marcy Kates said she sees the positive impact the Lions make in Holt. “The Lions Club has always had a special place in my heart as my grandfather was a dedicated Lion his whole life,” said Kates. “It is one of those organizations that make this place a great place to live.” Continue reading

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Holt residents showcase their talent at the HAMmy Talent Challenge

Click here to watch performances.

By Sophie Smith
Holt Journal staff writer

Being a “ham” is perfectly acceptable at the HAMmy Talent Challenge!

Applause filled the performance room of Buddies Grill in Holt Tuesday Feb. 25 as people young and old took to the stage to showcase their talent at the second annual HAMmy Talent Challenge.

The event, sponsoring the H.O.L.T. Scholarship, was put on by Delhi Charter Township.

Dozens of contestants danced, sang and played their way through the evening, hoping to advance to the next round.

“I’m here to support my best friends who are performing tonight,” said Holt High School sophomore Ryan Taber as she patiently waited for the show to get started.

There are three rounds of the competition, according to event director C.J. Davis. The third round determines the final winners who will have the opportunity to perform during the Music in the Garden Concert Series in July as well as the Holt Hometown festival in August.

First-time contestants John and Marilyn Watt, a violin and guitar duo, said they read about the talent challenge on a flyer at the local Family Video.

“We’ve been practicing at home a lot,” said Marilyn Watt. “This whole event is for a great cause and we could not be more excited to be a part of it.”

The couple said they had several family members coming to watch them perform a folk song. They have been playing together as a married couple for several years.

A large majority of contestants of the HAMmy Talent Challenge were high school students at Holt High School.

“We heard about the talent challenge from the announcements at school,” said contestant Sydney Luea, a sophomore at Holt High School.

Madison Austin, sophomore at Holt High School and last year’s second-place winner of the challenge, said she was eager to get up on stage and perform again.

“I loved being able to sing at the Summer Concert Series last summer,” said Austin. “I’ve been singing ever since I was little and this is a fun way to show everyone my talent and love for singing.”

Holt Sophomore Sierra Jean broke out of the singing pattern and chose to twirl glowing batons as her talent.

“I’ve been twirling since I was three,” said Jean. “This is my first year performing at this challenge and I really like that it’s supporting the H.O.L.T. scholarship.”

Jean enjoys twirling because she said it’s something she knows she’s good at it and it catches people’s attention.

The contestants were judged on four criteria, according to Davis. They were singing or performing ability, appearance, stage presence and overall performance.

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