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EJ sweeps awards, wins more


Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 11.55.11 PMTwo professional journalism organizations honor 10 of EJ’s best

By Katie Coleman
Spring 2007


Seven EJ Magazine contributors swept awards given by the Detroit Press Club Foundation in March. Then the Society of Professional Journalists also honored EJ with two individual prizes and a staff award in its 4th region in April.
Seven awards, seven winners
The Detroit Press Club Foundation’s 2007 Michigan Excellence in Journalism Awards were announced March 15 for works published in 2006. EJ swept two of the three student categories.
In the category of “feature writing,” the following students won:
  • First place went to Carol Navarro, senior journalism major, for her Fall 2006 article, “Rain Drain,” which reported on alternative technologies to mitigate storm water runoff.
  • Second place went to Ryan Shannon, senior English major, for his Spring 2006 article, “‘Fun’gus for the Whole Family,” which detailed the ecological concerns of morel hunting.
  • Third place went to Kristin V. Johnson, EJ’s designer and a second-year graduate student in the environmental journalism program, for her Fall 2006 article, “Organically Oriented Pets,” which explored the trend of feeding pets organic food.
In the “reporting” category, these students took home awards:
  • First place went to Katie Coleman, EJ’s editor and a second-year graduate student in the environmental journalism program, for her Fall 2006 article, “Ground-Shaking Progress,” which described the complex clean up of a huge mining site in the Upper Peninsula.
  • Second place went to Jessica A. Knoblauch, first-year master’s student in the environmental journalism program, for her Fall 2006 article, “Use with Caution,” which explained how and why common household chemicals harm our health.
  • Third place went to Hannah Northey, a second-year master’s student in the environmental journalism program, for her Spring 2006 article, “Beetle Battle,” which reported on the concerns surrounded the emerald ash borer, an invasive species in Michigan.
And in the “expression of opinion” category, Rich Grogan, a Ph.D. student in the media and information studies program, won first place for his Fall 2006 article, “Life & Times of a Biodieseler,” which described his journey across America in a biodiesel car.
‘Best student magazine’
The Society of Professional Journalists’ 2007 Mark of Excellence Awards were announced April 14 for works published in 2006. In addition to winning third place in the “best student magazine” category, two individual stories won honors in the “magazine non-fiction article” category:
  • Yu-Ting Lin, who graduated in Spring 2006 with her master’s degree in journalism, won first place for her Spring 2006 article, “Environmental Evangelicals,” which described the interfaith efforts to avert global climate change.
  • Carol Navarro, a senior journalism major, and Mairin MacDonald, a junior journalism major, won third place for their Spring 2006 article, “Who Owns the Water?” which reported on how proposed Michigan laws could jeopardize the Great Lakes’ fresh water supply.
Adding to the collection
These awards marked the fourth year in a row EJ Magazine and its student writers and editors have been honored by state and national organizations. EJ has also been honored by the Michigan Audubon Society, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, William Randolph Hearst Foundation and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
We at EJ think about “the prize” all the time — but not in the form of a trophy, plaque or personal check. We keep our eyes on the other prize EJ gives us: the chance to practice environmental journalism and magazine journalism in a publication that looks, if I may say so, quite snazzy. For that opportunity, we thank our generous funders, donors, advertisers and professors. And we promise to continue EJ’s winning tradition.

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