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Cultural competence wins jobs

While you’re planning your career strategies for 2015, you might take a look at this article in U.S. News & World Reports. It suggests four ways to raise your game. The first one is learning a new language as a … Continue reading

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Skills that bosses want but schools seldom teach

Soft skills such as cultural competence got a boost in the Wall Street Journal from CIO Journal columnist Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who wrote about the skills that execs seek in people who have the hard skills of engineering and business. One … Continue reading

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6 ways Silicon Valley can build diverse talent pipeline

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Test your diversity IQ with Bias Busters quiz

MSU Today tells the Bias Busters story by inviting you to take a diversity quiz. It’s an effective way to show what cultural competence project does. We look for the simple, everyday questions people have when they just want to … Continue reading

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Gawker reports how a CNBC host joked about Indians and 7-Elevens

Using a tired stereotype about Indians running Seven-11 stores, CNBC’s Joe Kernan, host of “Squawk Box,” used a story about Indian’s currency, the rupee, to affect an accent and make a joke that is not exactly original. This is what … Continue reading

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