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100 Questions and Answers About Gender Identity and 100 about Sexual Orientation

Test your diversity IQ with Bias Busters quiz

Welcome to the Bias Busters site. This connects to guides that answer more than 1,500 questions that everyone wonders about, but that they may be reluctant to ask because they don’t want to bruise feelings or appear to not know … Continue reading

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Associated Press changes style on race, gender

Th Associated Press stylebook sets the tone and conventions for news media across the United States and around the world. New editions typically come out in the spring. This year, there are extensive changes in the race-related entries. Here is … Continue reading

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Transgender troops hurry to beat April 12 ban

The Daily Beast tells how some transgender troops are hurrying to get a diagnosis by April 12 that will let them continue their military service. The deadline was set when a White House ban against military service by transgender individuals, … Continue reading

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Transgender survey is most complete ever

We now know more about transgender people than we ever have. On Dec. 8, 2016, the National Center for Transgender Equality reported results from its survey of nearly 28,000 trans and nonbinary people. The U.S. Trans Survey report runs to … Continue reading

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