Oregon Senate takes up bill for cultural competence in health care

The bill passed the Oregon House of Representatives, 46-12, on April. 10.

The Albany Tribune has the story.

According to the Tribune, “Ineffective patient communication leads to misdiagnosis and improper treatments that drive health inequities.” These, in turn, drive up costs and hurt quality of care.

NY, NJ nursing schools amp up cultural competency training

On Nurse.com, freelance writer Lisette Hilton details the ways that nursing schools are incorporting more cultural competence into their curricula.

Hilton quotes Yvonne Wesley, adjunct associate professor at New York University’s College of Nursing, who shows the evolution in thinking:

“We started with awareness. We went to sensitivity, and now we’re at competency,” she said. “So, nurses are expected to be competent in other people’s cultures.”

Cultural competence article on Nurse.com