Thanks to Rabbi Jason Miller

Portrait photo of Rabbi Jason Miller

Rabbi Jason Miller, Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer and Technologist – “Rabbi Without Borders”

We are so pleased with Rabbi Jason Miller’s Passover review of “100 Questions and Answers About American Jews” that appeared on The Huffington Post.

In three words: He gets us.

Part of what he wrote:

“For many years — even before I was ordained as a rabbi — I’ve been using Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s encyclopedia-like book “Jewish Literacy” to teach those interested in learning more about Judaism as well as those in classes leading toward Jewish conversion. I will continue to use that resource, but this simple book will serve as a useful introductory guide for the non-Jewish parents of those who are seeking conversion to Judaism. It will also be a quick and easy reader for non-Jews who simply want to understand more about the basics of Judaism.”

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