Thanks to Rabbi Jason Miller

Portrait photo of Rabbi Jason Miller

Rabbi Jason Miller, Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer and Technologist – “Rabbi Without Borders”

We are so pleased with Rabbi Jason Miller’s Passover review of “100 Questions and Answers About American Jews” that appeared on The Huffington Post.

In three words: He gets us.

Part of what he wrote:

“For many years — even before I was ordained as a rabbi — I’ve been using Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s encyclopedia-like book “Jewish Literacy” to teach those interested in learning more about Judaism as well as those in classes leading toward Jewish conversion. I will continue to use that resource, but this simple book will serve as a useful introductory guide for the non-Jewish parents of those who are seeking conversion to Judaism. It will also be a quick and easy reader for non-Jews who simply want to understand more about the basics of Judaism.”

About Joe Grimm

Joe Grimm has been visiting editor in residence in the Michigan State University School of Journalism since 2008. He teaches courses in reporting, editing, career branding and is editor of a series of books called Bias Busters.
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