Guide to American Jews includes guide to Jewish holidays

The Bias Busters series grows to 10 guides with “100 Questions and Answers About American Jews.” this guide is the second in our stream of guides about religions, joining “100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans.”

The guide about American Jews is a good aide to the growing number of non-Jewish Americans who are celebrating elements of Passover and who want to know more about their Jewish neighbors.

The guide answers questions about identity, Judaism, Jewish culture, history, foods and contributions. This edition also features an extensive guide to Jewish holidays throughout the year.

About two dozen of the questions are answered for you on this site for free. You can get all 100 in the guide.

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Joe Grimm has been visiting editor in residence in the Michigan State University School of Journalism since 2008. He teaches courses in reporting, editing, career branding and is editor of a series of books called Bias Busters.
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