Huckabee’s Holocaust comparison sheds heat, not light

By Joe Grimm

Mike Huckabee’s remark that, with his Iranian nuclear agreement, President Barack Obama “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven” is being widely criticized by Israelis and Americans, Jews and Gentiles, Republicans and Democrats.

A number of small memorial candles burning.
burning memorial candles
Any U.S. citizen has the right to criticize policy and, as a GOP presidential hopeful, Huckabee is expected to. But bringing the Holocaust into the campaign and comparing U.S. policy to the horror of mass genocide is over-the-line offensive.

The Nazis’ campaign of genocide against Jews was real and horrifying. It is not material for political sound bites. Using the holocaust to liven up political rhetoric is an affront to people murdered in the Holocaust, their survivors and descendants.
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