Dept. of Defense works on raising cultural competence

Language Magazine describes efforts in the U.S. Defense Department’s year-old Defense Language and National Security Office to use cultural competence training to influence policy and recruiting.

Among the successes highlighted for 2012 are “winning the Serious Games Award for the Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer mobile app” and “creating Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainers for South America, Southeast Asia, Hispaniola, and Central America . . .”

The Language Magazine article.

NY, NJ nursing schools amp up cultural competency training

On, freelance writer Lisette Hilton details the ways that nursing schools are incorporting more cultural competence into their curricula.

Hilton quotes Yvonne Wesley, adjunct associate professor at New York University’s College of Nursing, who shows the evolution in thinking:

“We started with awareness. We went to sensitivity, and now we’re at competency,” she said. “So, nurses are expected to be competent in other people’s cultures.”

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