Did MSU’s Nassar scandal tarnish East Lansing’s reputation?

As Michigan State University continues to confront the effects of the Larry Nassar scandal, the surrounding community weighs in on whether the fallout could damage East Lansing’s reputation. Michigan State University is experiencing faculty resignations, disciplinary action, and ongoing investigation in the wake of its association with a sexual abuse scandal involving over 250 victim reports nationally. For East Lansing, the home city of MSU, collateral damage is still being assessed. “Obviously, people are thinking about the issue,” said Kathy Schaefer, a partner with Communications and Research, Inc., a public relations firm in East Lansing. “It’s in their minds.

East Lansing officials eyeing MSU’s response to Nassar scandal

When a crisis of tremendous magnitude occurs, it is sure to impact people on many different levels. This has been the case with the Larry Nassar crisis, as this issue has affected far more than just those affiliated with Michigan State University. Although people will most notably associate Nassar with Michigan State University, the rest of the city of East Lansing could suffer setbacks from this tragedy as well. Shanna Draheim is an alumnus of MSU, and current East Lansing City Council member and resident, as such she has a unique perspective on the crisis. “As a city official, I’m happy to see that steps are now being taken to address some of the structural failures on the part of MSU,” Draheim said.

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Ingham County emergency dispatch struggles to fill positions

MASON — The 911 dispatch center for Ingham County is understaffed and is working to boost its ranks, but on the 50th anniversary of the first ever 911 call the center faces many challenges when hiring new employees. Ingham County Controller Timothy Dolehanty says the shortage was, until recently, “significant” and “roughly 15 dispatch seats out of … 48 or 49 total” were empty. Dolehanty says, “It’s a lot of overtime hours for some of our employees. Everybody, I think …

WATCH: Accident injures 2 on campus

Here are today’s headlines from the Spartan Newsroom:

Two athletes were hit by a truck and injured riding mopeds on North Shaw Lane. Four people killed and two people were injured when a gunman opened fire in Northern California. Are you ready for some ribs or some brisket? A new BBQ joint opens in Okemos. Australia legalizes same-sex marriage resulting in a huge celebration.

Serving, protecting and giving back … in DeWitt

The city of DeWitt is a fortunate one. Not only do they have their very own police department downtown, but fall under the jurisdiction of the DeWitt Charter Township police as well. “DeWitt city is within the township, but it’s only the city limits they have their own police department and we have one as well,” said DeWitt Township officer, Trevin Bernat. “We have a wide variety of people in the community but for the most part, we are pretty well received.”

DeWitt Charter Township’s borders run north and south from Cutler Road to Sheridan Road, and east to west from Chandler Road to Airport Road. Nestled in the northeast corner of DeWitt Charter Township is the city of DeWitt itself.

Old Town incidents gone down

Old Town criminal incidents are on track to be the lowest they have been in the past five years. According to the Lansing Police Department, last year there were 165 reported incidents that occurred in Old Town. That is a 14 percent decrease in reported incidents from the previous year.  

As of June this year, there have been 70. Robert Merritt, public information officer at the Lansing Police Department, said via email that these reported incidents can range from trespassing to robbery. Preuss Pets’ owners have experienced crime first-hand.