A Lansing Police vehicle sits outside the North Precinct. Photo by Lukas Eddy

“Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem.” Police are responding to the issue

Downtown Lansing resident and Lansing Community College student Debryan Threatt has been affected by drunk driving in more ways than one in her lifetime in the city. “Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem with all the bars not only downtown but throughout the city. Too many people think they’re capable of making it home after a night out,” Threatt said. “My brother got hit by a drunk driver two years ago, luckily he survived. Drinking and driving is something me and my family take very seriously and thankfully so does the Lansing Police Department.”

Chief of Lansing Police Michael Yankowski and the police department are trying to do what they can to put a stop to these instances that could easily affect so many.

Campus incidents spur debate about guns

On a chilly February morning in 2014, a man with a gun walked into Bessey Hall, a classroom building near the center of Michigan State University’s campus. The incident was quickly reported to police, who sent an alert to every cellphone on campus warning of a possible shooter. “We were all so ill-prepared,” said Jack Ritchey, an MSU student inside Bessey that day. “The only thing we thought to do was barricade the door. Some people were genuinely afraid, others weren’t taking the threat seriously.”

The incident turned out to be a misunderstanding — an ROTC student had carried an exposed training weapon into the building — but it highlights a problem facing college campuses.


Despite effort to loosen East Lansing rules, pot still illegal for those older than 21

East Lansing joined a growing number of cities seeking to lesson penalties for marijuana use, but the city’s efforts left out a large block of people: Anyone older than 21. But those local laws only apply to people under 21. A restriction in the city’s charter prevents it from setting any rules for marijuana use for those 21 and up. That means police are likely to look to state law — which still bans the use of marijuana.

MI Fight Against Crime

East Lansing, Mich—Recently, East Lansing and Lansing residents have fallen victim to a string of burglaries that appear to be related in the month of November. This is occurring despite the fact that burglaries for the state of Michigan are at an all-time low. Longtime Lansing resident Daniel Turney is one of the victims of burglary over the past month. Turney lives in a house just off Lincoln Ave. in downtown Lansing.