Youth sports opportunities abound in northwest Michigan

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — According to the United States Census Bureau, 10.5 percent of the population of Traverse City, Mich. was between the ages of 5 and 18 years in 2015. Across the area, programs and groups are offered to this age group in different activities. Dena Schweitzer says that there are many opportunities to try different sports after she has been in the area for 25 years.

Friends of Ormond Park seek to end the construction of golf course entrance

On Monday, July 10, an Ingham County judge signed an injunction to temporarily halt construction of a new entrance to Groesbeck Golf Course in Lansing. After witnessing Ormond Park’s trees and play structures being torn down, Friends of Ormond Park rushed to seek an injunction. Lansing residents feel Groesbeck’s new entrance project should have been included in a public hearing. Kathleen Badgley, a member of Friends of Ormond Park, has lived next to Ormond Park for 39 years. Not once was the construction of the entrance mentioned to the public, according to Badgley.

Natural beauty no longer free at an Washington state marina.

DES MOINES, Wash. — The Des Moines Marina and Beach Park has long been a natural beauty and hangout spot for kids, teenagers, and adults alike in a town that is otherwise lacking in both. For the first 25 years of its existence, the Beach Park had free entry. As of last month, that is no more. In June, the City Council instituted a paid parking system for the marina, both to help offset the cost of maintaining the marina and also help keep the environment clean and safe.

‘This is the million-dolar question:’ is tourism good for local populations?

CORSICA, Italy — In 2016 the United States had more than 67,000 business focused on tourism with revenues of over $20 billion. In Europe, these numbers doubled with over $40 billion spent in tourism just in 2016. However, as these numbers increase, tourism expands to the less populated places. In recent times going to more rural places has acquired a new form of interest. But is this expansion to more rural area beneficial or detrimental to the local populations?

Millions of visitors come to Chinese city of Jiuzhaigou for vacation

JIUZHAIGOU, China — Jiuzhaigou is the only place in China with the two Laurel of “World Natural Heritage” and “World Biosphere Reserve” at the same time, it is known as “fairyland” and “fairy tale world.” With summer vacation quickly approaching, various groups of people choose Jiuzhaigou as their place of interest. In 2016, there were over 5 million visitors in total, and the tourism income reached ¥805 million, which is around $115 million. “There are visitors all the time, and throughout the entire year,” said Ting Fan, one of the tour guides of Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area. “Jiuzhaigou’s colors change throughout the course of the year.

Lansing locals share tourism suggestions for non-residents

The City of Lansing is home to more than 50 tourist attractions including small businesses, recreational activities and political education. How do visitors determine where to start? Lansing residents have several ideas of their own. Madison Stapels, a student strategist at Piper & Gold Public Relations, has lived in the area for several years. Stapels is a Michigan State University student and enjoys kayaking by the Lansing City Market in her free time.

Rising tides lifting Florida tourist towns like Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The sun set this past Fourth of July over Daytona Beach in much the same fashion as it has for years: accompanied by thousands of people, on the sand, in the water, and on the pier. An Eagles tribute band did stirring renditions of “Hotel California” and “Desperado.” The fireworks show was tremendous, chants of “U-S-A!” sporadically broke out amongst the inebriated Southerners, and the mood was joyous. It was, for a night, like the Recession of 2008 had never happened. “Tourism has definitely been on the upswing since the recession,” Kate Holcomb, the Director of Communications for the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, said in an email.

A connection within the Northern Michigan environment.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — “Traverse City is one of the fortunate few within the state,” says Maia Turek, a Resource Development Specialist of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. “The beachfront area on Grand Traverse Bay as well as the TART Trail are examples of opportunities within the area that are utilized to make the city even more recreationally appealing for not only visitors, but also for the local residents.” “My work with the DNR invites new recreational events to occur in the area as we support them through our organization,” says Turek. An example of this is stand up paddle boarding, which is allegedly becoming progressively more popular within the area, according to Turek.

Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay faces environmental issues

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Chesapeake Bay located in the states of Maryland and Virginia is home to 3,600 species of animal and plant life. The largest estuary in the United States has a very complex ecosystem and unfortunately a variety of environmental issues. Issues ranging from agriculture to climate change to bay grasses dying off. Professor of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Old Dominion University Richard Zimmerman says, “The Bay has lost probably 90 percent of its historical distribution of submerged aquatic vegetation since James Town.”