Despite loss in partnership with non-profit organization, DeWitt Dog Park will run “status quo” between the city and township

Due to a lack of funds, the Friends of the DeWitt Dog Park will no longer have a formal role in running the dog park, but the city and township will run it business as usual. The group proposed the idea for the park, which is located off West Herbison Road, adjacent to Padgett Park. It recently ran out of funds and dissolved, said DeWitt City Administrator Dan Coss, who played a central role in the formation of the dog park on the city’s end. The original agreement to run and fund the park was a joint-partnership between the city, township and Friends group. “As of right now, we’re just going to operate and maintain the dog park status quo,” said Coss.

Pit bull dog worries overblown, say Ingham County dog experts

Some Ingham County residents are maintaining a favorable view of the type of dogs known as Pit bulls while the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter is working to boost the positive image of the dogs. On January 10, 2018 a bill was introduced into the Michigan State Senate that would prohibit local governments from enacting bans on specific breeds of dogs. The bill was not passed and referred to a committee. Despite the bill not passing, county dog experts look favorably on Pit bulls. Pit bull, a name encompassing several breeds of terriers and mixes, is one that carries the certain stigmas including being “inherently vicious” according to Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon.

Seniors citizens reap benefits from resources in East Lansing

According to the 2010 census data, only 6.4 percent of East Lansing residents are age 65 or older, compared to the 13.7 percent of Michigan as a whole being seniors age 65 or older. Regardless of the seemingly small percentage, the city of East Lansing offers a variety of programs catering to the elderly. According to The Tri-County Office on Aging’s community relations and grants manager, Tammy Lemmer, TCOA recognizes the positive effect of support on elderly citizens and they offer many services to combat loneliness or feeling of neglect. In a 2009 study, Dr. Archana Singh concluded there is a strong correlation between loneliness and depression. Singh discussed how socializing and maintaining connections with people can be beneficial to an aging person’s mental health.

Mason war statues put history on display

As you drive through downtown Mason there’s a good chance you’ll notice the war statues that are located right outside city hall and how they only add to the historical city. The statues represent citizens of the Mason community that have served their time in past United States wars. The idea was thought of by the former post commander of the American Legion four to five years ago and took roughly a year to create, said current post commander of  Cavender Post 148 American Legion Leon Clark, who was on the Mason City Council at the time of the idea. Clark said, “I think the Legion did an excellent job with their choice. It offers inside history and is very educational …

Meridian farmers’ market connects more than just local community

In the J.C. Penney corridor of Meridian Mall, two vendors stand next to one another. A young woman with short curly hair pulled back in a hat cuts blocks of cheese on a table. Next to her table is a man selling mushrooms in wooden boxes. Both are very friendly with their customers, giving out recommendations and ideas of how to utilize their products. The two vendors come from Grand Rapids.

DeWitt plans on bringing new infrastructure and home development to the area

DeWitt wants future citizens to move into its community, and its developing multi-use housing to make it happen.  

“The whole objective is to have the community that is here enjoy what’s here, talk to their neighbors, and feel good about their community so that they will stay,” said Loretta Spinrad, from the DeWitt Chamber of Commerce.  “That translates to more people wanting to live here.”

According to Daniel Coss, DeWitt city administrator, and township manager, Rod Taylor, a huge part of growing the township and city is providing housing for all demographics of people.  So, this means that creating all types of housing developments is crucial to success heading forward. The City of DeWitt and DeWitt Township are planning for growth in the future and planning on accommodating more citizens.

DeWitt using their budget to create a go to destination

The city of DeWitt is starting to become a cultural hub and a go-to destination. A lot of money is being put into the development of their downtown. Maricela Vargas is a preschool teacher in Lansing who is looking for a job in DeWitt and she is interested in DeWitt because of the small city feel. When Vargas visited DeWitt, she felt the family connection with the residents. Vargas said: “I was attracted to DeWitt because it’s a cute city and it’s going to be a great place to live.