Michigan works to bring young people back

By ISAAC CONSTANS Capital News Service LANSING — What do young people want? It’s a question employers, officials and educators are working overtime to answer. A “brain drain” has leeched Michigan’s up-and-coming workforce for decades, with young professionals opting to … Continue reading →

Stay away from algae decay

By LUCY SCHROEDER Capital News Service LANSING — As if you needed another reason not to play with stinky piles of algae: Decaying algae can promote the growth of bacteria that could make people and animals sick, according to recent … Continue reading →

Seed-stealing bugs threaten prairie restoration

By LIAM TIERNAN Capital News Service LANSING — Bugs hinder prairie restorations more than previously thought, according to research conducted at Michigan State University. The study found that arthropods — which include insects, spiders and crustaceans — account for the … Continue reading →