Fewer Michigan parents seek vaccination waivers

By LAURA BOHANNON Capital News Service LANSING — The percentage of Michigan parents opting out of vaccinating their children has continued to drop since the state changed its waiver rules, Health and Human Services director Nick Lyon said. “We’ve changed … Continue reading →
A family stands united against line 5 and DAPL

Standing in Lansing with Standing Rock

On Friday, March 10 protestors in downtown Lansing marched on the state capital in support of the Washington D.C. rally by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their allies. The nation-wide demonstration was conducted to raise awareness to the on-going battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), said to cross over sacred burial grounds belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Native Americans and environmentalists have also stressed their concern over the effect the pipeline will have on their drinking water and the surrounding lands. “Mni, wiconi. Water is life.”

An alternative story format, or ASF, highlighting the pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time. Infographic by: Casey Harrison.

Feeling tired? Your body may be working overtime to rebound from Daylight Saving Time

It’s one of the most loved and hated times of the year — depending on how you feel about Daylight Saving Time. When it comes to springing forward, the good thing is the days become longer, you conserve a small amount of electricity, and in all likelihood, you’re outside more than in the winter. The cons, however, include losing that coveted extra hour of sleep, and multiple health risk factors, like increased stress levels, car crash rates, and an increase in heart attacks and strokes. Whether you’re in Lansing Township, Michigan or Anchorage, Alaska, the effects of daylight saving can be both a blessing and a curse.

Sex Expo held by the University Activities Board

Michigan State’s University Activities Board held a Sex Expo to educate students. Caroline Poole, UAB event programmer, said that it is difficult attracting students to educational events.”We really wanted that engaging component but we also wanted it to be educational,” Alessandra Alvares-Paines, freshman, said she enjoyed the games provided by the fraternity and learned some new things. “I’ve learned phrases for things like the actual term names and I’m learning about other ways to keep safe sex,” Paines said.

A Lansing Police vehicle sits outside the North Precinct.

“Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem.” Police are responding to the issue

Downtown Lansing resident and Lansing Community College student Debryan Threatt has been affected by drunk driving in more ways than one in her lifetime in the city. “Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem with all the bars not only downtown but throughout the city. Too many people think they’re capable of making it home after a night out,” Threatt said. “My brother got hit by a drunk driver two years ago, luckily he survived. Drinking and driving is something me and my family take very seriously and thankfully so does the Lansing Police Department.”

Chief of Lansing Police Michael Yankowski and the police department are trying to do what they can to put a stop to these instances that could easily affect so many.

Antibiotics rules create buzz for bee doctors

By BEN MUIR Capital News Service LANSING — Michigan State University is hunting for veterinarians willing to treat bees. MSU’s Pollinator Initiative launched the search after a recent Food and Drug Administration decision outlawing over-the-counter antibiotics for all food-producing animals … Continue reading →