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Instagram “more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol” according to UK study

If you ask a millennial, what is the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before falling asleep, odds are they’ll say, “checking social media.”

Social media has increasingly become non-negotiable in the lives of countless youth who depend on sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for keeping them updated on news, social events, sports, trends and more. In addition to being a one-stop-shop for all social needs, these sites can also have detrimental mental health effects on users. Depression, low self-esteem, sleeplessness and narcissism have all been linked to various social media sites. The worst of the bunch, however, is fan favorite, Instagram. In a 2017 study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), five social media platforms were ranked in order of most positive to most negative.

Already okay in some states, should medical or recreational marijuana use be legal everywhere?

The legalization of marijuana has been a controversial and popular topic as individual states are beginning to legalize it for recreational use in addition to medical use, which is already legal in 29 states in the U.S.

Pharmacann LLC, the largest holder of medical marijuana cards in the state of Illinois, has 107 employees and 11 facilities which include three cultivation centers and eight dispensaries around the country. Pharmacann is also located in Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are one of 10 registered organizations in the state of New York with a license to distribute medical marijuana. Jeremy Unruh, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Pharmacann LLC in Chicago, was previously a prosecuting attorney and switched over into the medical marijuana field. He explains that cannabis, a plant otherwise known as marijuana, is not dangerous compared to other things in our society.

Could shopping be addictive?

Everyone have experienced that urge to buy that one item on sale. Maybe, you walked past those shoes that you couldn’t leave the store without? Now imagine having that feeling constantly. About 18 million adults in America, are shopping addicts, or compulsive shoppers according to a study on Healthline. This type of retail therapy can not only be destructive financially, but emotionally as well.

In Flint, the real estate market is in turmoil

FLINT, Mich. — Since the Flint Water Crisis became public knowledge, residents were left unsure of what to do with their homes. “There has been a great amount of misconstrued information regarding Flint residents selling their homes during the water crisis. Homeowners can certainly sell their homes,” said Royal Reality real estate agent Danielle Green. Amber Hoey is a Flint resident who heard otherwise.