Sparrow Hospital located at 1215 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, Mich. on March 21. Photo by Taylor Skelton

Task forces in Lansing work to better local health care for children

Whether it be getting to the location of the appointment or locating a specialist, Lansing is no exception to the problem of health care access for children. Pam Riley Miklavcic knows. Her oldest son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. “While we were taking him and we had accesses to all the resources we needed to care for him,” Miklavcic said. “It was so evident, that seeing too many other families, that medical care can be great but if you do not have the support and ability  to access that care you are not going to thrive.

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Why do we eat the way we do? Parents have a big say

The way children eat is often reflected by the way their parents eat and the habits they instill in them. Eating habits occur at home and generally start at a young age. Poor eating habits tend to come from households where there is little education of nutrition or a lack of parent involvement, according to Laura Haskel, a registered dietitian who works at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, as well as Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan. “I have seen many children come in who have poor eating habits. The majority have poor eating habits because of how busy their family is.

Quick -Did You Know- Facts on Michigan State University's Tobacco-Free Campus

Smokers are feeling the heat not from law enforcement, but their peers

Michigan State enforced a tobacco-free campus beginning in August of 2016. Since then, it’s not the potential of a ticket that has smokers on edge –– it’s the disapproval from stares and comments made by their fellow peers.

Anywhere between 10 and 12 Newport Menthol 100s will get MSU senior Jacob Hicks through the day. Some of those smoke breaks happen at his duplex on Burcham Street, but some of them happen on MSUs 5,200 acre campus. And despite the campus enforcing a tobacco ban that went into effect August 15 of 2016, that’s not what has Hicks worried.

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Winter is making us SAD

Does the winter weather have you unmotivated and checked out? You are not alone. We live in a society where we don’t always distinguish what we’re feeling and what is making us feel that way. In our everyday lives, we have a bad habit of hiding our emotions and recalling what emotions we are feeling. During the winter months, higher rates of people typically report feeling low, unmotivated, and uninterested.

Plant Based Diet Graph

A plant-based diet can tell us who we are

Oftentimes, people change their diets because they want to look good or simply be healthier. However, diets, such as the flexitarian diet, which is a more plant-based diet, can go much deeper than that. Dr. Janet Brill, a nationally recognized expert in the fields of health, wellness and cardiovascular disease prevention, says people who adopt a more plant-based diet tend to be more responsible. “A diet that is more plant-based is better for your health and the Earth,” Brill says. “These people are more personally responsible.”

This is exactly why Central Michigan University junior, Paige Pope, made a change in her diet.

Lucas Capalbo watches as his players perform dribbling drills. Photo by Zachary Manning

Do participation trophies hurt our motivation? Some say yes

To give or not to give? That question has become a hot topic over the past couple of years in sports regarding participation trophies. In a Reason-Rupe poll from 2014, results showed that 57 percent of Americans felt only winners should receive trophies, while 40 percent of Americans believed everyone should receive trophies regardless of winning or losing. Sports psychologist Dan Gould believes the 40 percent of Americans that believe everyone should get trophies is higher than previous generations, and says people have begun labeling this generation “the trophy generation.”

“Over the year’s trophies weren’t given to everyone, and now kids get a trophy for everything,” Gould said.  

Gould notes that it depends on what age level you are in, but once kids hit a certain age, they should only be getting trophies if they win because it could hurt the child’s motivation.