Clinton and Trump Lansing Campaign Working to Swing Michigan voters


Zero point six miles separate the presidential campaign offices in Lansing, Michigan. But in terms of policy, the two cannot be on further apart on the political spectrum. The two offices have been busy phone banking and canvassing each day leading up to the election. “I let them know why I am interested in supporting Hillary,” said Rose Hunt, a volunteer for the Clinton campaign. “And then we find out whether or not they’re interesting in coming out to volunteer to do phone banking, telephoning calls.”

Fenton resident Patrice Katrak holds her homemade sign at the Bernie Sanders rally. Katrak said she supported Sanders in the primary and is now unsure if she will vote for Hillary Clinton or a third party candidate. 
Photo/McKenna Ross

At Clinton rally, Sanders supporters weigh pros and cons

Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at Michigan State University on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. I spoke to Sanders supporters on their feelings on Clinton, Sanders and the Nov. 8 election. [View the story “Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at MSU on behalf of Clinton campaign” on Storify]

Sanders Visits East Lansing

EAST LANSING, Mich. – On Thursday, Oct. 6, Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally to generate support for Hillary Clinton at Michigan State University. Clinton is the Democratic Party’s nominee in the upcoming presidential election. Sanders sought to persuade millennial voters who supported him in the primary election that Clinton shares his political views.

Junior education major Emily Crawford at the MSU library showing off her completed Registration Form

Registering to vote made easy

Some students might have heard intimidating horror stories about the registration process, but in the digital age, there are plenty of online resources that can make participating in the political process easy. For Michigan State University junior and undergraduate education major Emily Crawford, it’s a matter of finding time to register, but for others, it’s a piece of cake and “would be an even bigger waste of time not to vote.” Crawford has just recently registered at the Secretary of State office in Lansing, Mich. “I found it very easy, and everyone there was so helpful,” said Crawford, laughing. “I was nervous at first because I thought they would ask me a bunch of questions about my citizenship and what not, but all they really wanted to do was offer help and ease the already easy process.”

Hospitality business major and junior at MSU, CeCe O’Reily thinks it’s very important to vote and be proactive because “we determine who takes office.”

“There are many resources around campus about how to actively get registered and vote, It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing and able to go about that process,” said O’Reily. “I found out how to vote through MSU’s online resources which were also really helpful.”

There are plenty of ways to actively seek out assistance with voting and MSU’s voting initiative really helped O’Reily out with the registration process.

The critical youth vote and the importance of youth voting


Andrew and Alex Heavin, natives of Rochester, Mich. turned 22 just three weeks ago. They have been through this rodeo of presidential voting once before, and with their loyalty connected to the Republican Party, they cast a vote each for Mitt Romney. Now they, like numerous others, feel that this election feel they are choosing the “lesser of two evils.” In their opinion, that is Donald Trump, the businessman turned politician whose ranting about a top-down economic plan and strict immigration have captivated many, but left a many other fearful of what he could do when in power. But for the Heavin twins, a part of them wishes for the sake of all their friends who didn’t have a chance to vote last election that their first would have been more, for a lack of a better word, normal.