Despite summers off, teachers face financial stresses

Teachers around the nation are notoriously underpaid as well as criticized for their “summers off.” Yet, the question remains, are teachers really taking their summer time as personal time or is it spent working other jobs to maintain financial stability? Nowadays a lot of school districts are offering teachers 12-month payment programs for their salaries rather than 9 1/2 or 10-month payment programs. Yet, the small amount of the salaries are still increasingly alarming around the nation. According to an online source, teachers including special education instructors at the K-12 levels are being paid a national median of anywhere from $43,813 to $48,255 annually. Mark Johnson is a theater arts teacher at Stevenson High School in Michigan and has stated that his family makes sure to spread their paychecks across the entirety of the 12-month year. “Since we are salaried, we get paid the same amount for one year no matter what.

Suburban Detroit alternative school strives to break stereotypes

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — A suburban Detroit alternative school is pushing boundaries and blowing the doors off of traditional ideas regarding alternative education, according to its principal, Taylor Chapman. The Avondale Academy has been considered the black sheep of the district, known as the “dumping ground” for Auburn Hills’ main public high school, Avondale High School. Over the years, Chapman and other staff members have worked hard to polish and refine the institution, making it a desirable learning environment for students and families alike. Recently, the Academy has implemented many changes in hopes of better serving their student population.

Who is to blame for Detroit Public Schools problems?

DETROIT — A large concern for Detroit Public Schools has been a topic of discussion for many years now. Many people do not understand what have been the causes for such a downfall and accuse the wrong people. Emery Petchauer associate professor at Michigan State University with expertise on the aesthetic practices of urban arts clears up any confusion on what started the downfall of DPS. “The biggest point I’d like to make is that DPS has only been controlled by its elected school board for three years since 1999. The state take-over via emergency manager laws that has caused much of the chaos we see in DPS.

Bill Schuette is pushes for OKAY2SAY to remain in Michigan Schools

Bullying and Suicide is has become a major problem in schools across the country. Over four thousand kids commit suicide every year and unfortunately Detroit teen Billy Watts Jr. is one of them. “I got a call at work about him and they just said he was missing at first, so i decided to go on his Instagram page,” said friend of Billy Jazlyn Dixon. 

It was on Instagram where Billy posted pictures giving clues that he wanted to take his own life. Friends of Billy describe him as being a deep thinker and for Jazln Dixon she says his suicide could have been prevented if someone would have just listened to him. “It’s something that could have been prevented if we would have took what he said more seriously.”

The East Lansing School District present the reconstruction plans to the public.

East Lansing public schools bond proposal vote, May 2

In August 2016, the East Lansing Board of Education evaluated the city’s six public elementary school buildings. The board came up with a bond proposal to increase property tax millage in order to demolish and reconstruct five public elementary school buildings and renovate one, which will be voted on May 2, 2017.

Holt baseball lets go of four coaches mid-season — but why? Answers are elusive

A recent spring break trip has resulted in the exit of four varsity and junior variety baseball coaches at Holt High School. “Effective immediately, the Varsity and JV coaches and our assistant volunteer coaches have been placed on administrative leave,” superintendent David Hornak said in the announcement of investigation sent to parents April 12. The investigation lasted until April 18, when Hornak sent out another letter to parents. “As a result of our investigation, for various reasons, three of the four coaches are leaving the program, effective immediately,” Hornak said. “Assistant volunteer coach Mark Roche was invited to return but declined.”

Head varsity coach Nathan Potts, junior varsity coach Joe Murphy and volunteer pitching coach Bob McHenry were the coaches asked to leave the program, Hornak said.