Watch Focal Point: Penalties that could come with tailgating, new Spartan innovations and more

On this week’s episode of Focal Point News, some things you may do while tailgating that could get you in trouble with the law. Also, a new church opened, but in an unusual location. Plus, an over 40-year-old service offered on campus is stopping for good. Homecoming is this week, we’ll take a look at some events that happened on campus and speak with the grand marshal of the parade. In sports, we recap the game against CMU and what to expect against Northwestern.

Online classes allow for flexible schedules

Summer at Michigan State University doesn’t always mean it’s time for summer vacation. As degree requirements become more demanding, many students enroll in the university’s summer sessions as a way to get ahead or stay on track to graduate. Skylar Austell, a senior at MSU, is taking online courses this summer so that she can graduate in August. “Without the opportunity to take the classes, I would have had to do a whole other semester just for two classes,” she said. Both of her classes are online classes, giving her the opportunity to go home or travel for job interviews without missing school.

As MSU plans for new president, Izzone leader speaks out

Michigan State University hopes to hire a new president to help steer the school away from the Larry Nassar scandal by June 2019. Trustees Dianne Byrum and Melanie Foster announced on Wednesday that the university hopes to form a 15-member search committee by August to find a new president.  The first applicants will be interviewed by November. “Our new president must have that intellect that can understand people’s feelings and internalize that and be able to show compassion,” Byrum said. This comes after criticism of interim president John Engler and several recent comments that he has made concerning the case surrounding former MSU doctor Larry Nassar.  Engler is expected to remain the interim president throughout the search but will have no involvement. Last week, leaked emails from April showed that Engler speculated that the first woman to speak out against Nassar, Rachel Dehollander, was receiving referral fees or kickbacks.

Studies show some students are not preparing for life after college

For the many college graduates that are still searching for a job after graduating—you are not alone. The unemployment rate for college graduates is about 2 percent as of May 2018, and has been dropping slightly since the beginning of 2018. This rate is also lower than the general unemployment rate in the United States, which sits at 3.8 percent. Although unemployment rates for people with a college degree seem to be pretty low, some college students have a difficult time finding employment post-graduation. “After graduating, I hadn’t gotten a job in my field, nor did I set up plans to immediately go back to school so I was nervous,” Victoria Bond, a 2017 graduate from Tuskegee University, said.”I started looking for jobs in my field and it proved to be a struggle.

Incoming students are not worried about their safety, despite MSU’s recent scandals

Within the past few months, Michigan State University has taken heat for multiple scandals that put the university’s reputation in jeopardy. Recently, three former MSU football players were sentenced to 36 months of probation exactly one year after they were charged for sexual assault from a party that took place in January 2017. The university also has been left with a $500 million settlement from the Larry Nassar scandal, with $425 million to be paid to the 332 current survivors and $75 million put away in a trust fund for any future claimants. Even with the current state of events on campus, incoming freshman Lazarie Mitchell is not worried about how these events will affect her safety as a student. “I was not aware of the scandals when I applied, and I didn’t know anything about it,” she said.

Multilingualism can take you places

In this video people have discussed different perks of multilingual and different advantages offered in the work force. The people that I have interviewed explained how speaking more than one language can enhance your life in terms of traveling and in terms of pay. When it comes to traveling multilingualism offers the advantage of being more social which can help in terms of networking and just getting around a different country. Multilingualism can also help increase a person’s salary at a job or even offer them a more superior position. This is also a good look on a person’s resume and increases their chances of getting hired for a job.