Okemos Chiefs Damian Hudson scores the final touchdown in the team's win over Holt, 21-7.

Senior Night lights at Okemos

Coming into the year, the Okemos Chiefs football team was looking to make a big turnaround from their previous season, which ended with a 2-7 record. With returning senior leaders like Jason Pridgeon, Drew McGaughy and Patrick Nugent backed by plenty of talent on the depth chart, it seemed very possible. After a strong start to the year going 4-0, where the contests were far from close, Coach Jack Wallace and his Chiefs went on a three-game losing streak. “It was a tough. We went on the road and played some really talented teams,” Wallace said.

Meridian’s Environmental Commission plans for 2018

Susan Masten is passionate about irrigation systems.

Yes, really. The Meridian Township Environmental Commission board member says overwatering hurts the environment. “It drives me crazy when people irrigate when it’s raining outside,” Masten said. Mandating when people water their lawns isn’t necessarily something the Environmental Commission is looking to do in the future, but they are looking at potential fixes. “They’re coming out with irrigation systems that are wifi connected and can check the weather,” added Commissioner Kirk Lapham.

Citizens in Meridian Township are not surprised to learn of the church shooting in Texas

Tabitha Mpamira was at work scrolling through social media when she suddenly thought, “here we go again”. It has happened again. Another mass shooting in the United States has captured the media’s attention and some citizens of Meridian Township are not surprised. “I’ve seriously grown cynical,” said Tabitha Mpamira, who is a citizen of Okemos. “ I figured here we go again, and nothing is going to be done and something else is going to come up and take over the news.”

On Sunday, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, grabbed his AR-556 rifle, and opened fire

in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX.

Watch Focal Point: Coping with anxiety, recap of the Black Power Rally and more

Our reporters tackle how students who suffer with anxiety overcome the issues that come with it. We have a recap of the recent Lansing election and a preview of the upcoming firearms season. MSU held its 45th annual Black Power Rally. How is different this year? The Spartan Marching band has a special global performance planned for Saturday’s football game halftime show.


Two athletes were hit by a truck and injured riding mopeds on North Shaw. Four people killed, two injured when gunman opens fire in Northern California. Are you ready for some ribs or some brisket? A new BBQ joint opens up in Okemos, Saddleback BBQ. Australia legalizes same sex marriage resulting in a huge celebration.

Online school in Okemos shows resilience to skepticism

For years, the Michigan Connections Academy, based in Okemos, has been offering students and families from all across Michigan an alternative way to attend public school. At this school, children in grades K-12 can learn the state curriculum without having to leave the comfort of their homes.  

“It’s a really great option for kids who don’t function well in a brick-and-mortar school,” said Hannah Schrauben, a kindergarten teacher for the school. The students that her and her colleagues work with include kids with illnesses who cannot leave their home for school as well as high level athletes who devote most of their day to training.  

The children participate in live video lessons or calls with their teachers.