Joe Biden makes an appearance in Lansing before election

The Democratic rally got started an hour and a half late, but local residents patiently awaited Former Vice President Joe Biden’s arrival. “It’s been a rough couple of months,” Biden said. “Folks, we’ve gotta turn this around”. Democrats Gretchen Whitmer and Elissa Slotkin were among the candidates attending the rally at Lansing Community College. “I am running because it is time for a new generations of leaders,” Slotkin said.

Kean’s brought art to Mason before LEAP initiative

Chris Garcia advertises himself online as Htownink, a private tattooer in Holland who specializes in custom pieces. His Instagram page makes it apparent that Garcia excels in art forms other than the needle: he is also a graffiti and mural artist. In fact, his art now fills the alley between Kean’s and Bad Brewing in Mason. “He came and painted for a week,” said Teresa Wren, owner of Kean’s. “He stayed in one of our apartments and painted every day.

Downtown Mason continues to grow. Parking spaces? Not so much

Parking in downtown Mason can be a struggle at times, especially in the summer with festivals the city holds. But mayor of Mason Russell Whipple said, “The best problem you can have is not enough parking.” The downtown square has been a top attraction for Mason residents and as the city continues to grow, more people will be making their way downtown. Mason resident Roger Arend said, “It’s busier than it was 50 years ago … more houses, more people, the streets are the same length, parks the same amount of cars with twice as many people so what’re you gonna do.”

In wake of school shootings elsewhere, Mason schools working to keep everyone safe

What seems like an increase in school violence attacks may not be the case due to the media but that still hasn’t stopped schools in Mason from protecting the students. While Mason has had a few instances where precautionary measures were needed to be taken, the six schools have never had to deal with anything serious like what happened in Florida, said Superintendent of Mason Public Schools Ronald Drzewicki. Parents are always going to show concern for their children, especially at school when there are so many other students. With the schools protected, the staff is talking with the students on what to do in any situation instead of spending more money for protection. Mason Police Officer Jeremiah Budd, the school’s contact officer said, “It would be a long process to redue the security …

Mason residents getting behind local food movement

For Mason resident Alana Anderson, buying groceries locally is important for the health and safety of her and her family. “I like to support local businesses and local farmers. I also think it’s good for us health wise to have products that are within our communities. I like to buy local produce as much as possible and local meats. I feel it’s safer and healthier for me,” said Anderson.