"We're now certified. Boards certified. The Electors have been elected." State Elections Director Chris Thomas answering if the 16 Trump Electors will be certified if the recount goes through.

Ingham one of few counties to complete recount

A statewide recount of Michigan’s votes in the presidential election died in the courts and was suspended or never started in most Michigan counties, but was completed in Ingham County. Overseeing operations at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, County Clerk Barb Byrum and a staff of volunteers account for almost 135,000 ballots. Byrum said, “it has been a monumental undertaking. Tables and chairs, projectors and screens being taken to the fairground, a printer this afternoon, over 300 emails for people who are interested. I currently have 50 workers and need more.”

Cochran challenged by Clark 67th House seat

Democratic incumbent state Rep. Tom Cochran, D-Mason, faces challenger Republican  Leon Clark to represent the 67th District in the state House. With 60 percent of precincts reporting, Cochran leads Clark 56 percent to 44 percent. The 67th District spans much of southern Ingham County. Looking to win his third and final term in office, Cochran previously served on the Lansing Fire Department for over 29 years. Born and raised in Lansing, Cochran has been a mid-Michigan resident his entire life.

Journalism Education Programs excel thanks to Mason High School faculty

By Madelyn Scroggie
The Mason Times

Mason, Mich. – The Mason High School faculty wants students to develop critical thinking skills and be empowered to succeed. The high school has specifically developed programs such as the yearbook and newspaper to help aspiring journalism students do just that. “It is a high school class but sometimes I think there is a learning curve because the students have to realize it’s more like a job,” said Sabriena Bennett, high school newspaper advisor. “Everyone in the class has different responsibilities, and when the responsibilities aren’t filled then somebody else has to pick up the slack.”

Bennett said that in order to be a part of the staff students are required to have a recommendation as well as a sample writing piece.

Donated thermal imaging cameras put to use quickly

By Madelyn Scroggie
The Mason Times

Mason, Mich. – Two thermal imaging cameras that can detect heat energy through

smoke, walls or doors were donated to The Mason Fire Department by Dart Container Corporation on March 9 and have already begun to help firefighters on the job. Fire Chief Kerry Minshall said in an interview that the department has already put the cameras to good use. “So far we have only had them a couple weeks,” said Minshall, “but we had a structure fire the other morning, a week ago today, and were able to use them.”

The fire took place in the attic of a home in Mason. Within a few minutes, the firefighters could tell exactly where there was a wire burned off which was causing the fire.