Harsh potholes continue to give residents of Ingham County problems

Austin Faulds was driving through Ingham County recently, where he saw the front tires of two different cars completely fly off. The reason for these motorists misfortune? The result of hitting a pothole. Faulds is a manager and delivery driver at Pita Pit in East Lansing, and is among several Ingham County residents who are tired of dealing with the poor road conditions. Jabreel Naser, an employee of a gas station in Ingham County, has encountered several instances where people have voiced their irritation with the roads.

Local, natural food valued by Ingham County residents; higher prices a sticking point

LANSING — Despite being a windy and cold first day of spring, the weekly farmers’ market held at the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing on March 21 was full of energy with live music and several vendors selling locally grown and made products such as vegetables, coffee, and fresh bread. Residents of Ingham County enjoy coming to places like the Allen Farmers Market for locally grown, organic, and homemade food that gives them knowledge of what is in their food. However, the higher prices among those goods can make purchasing them consistently more difficult than mass-produced, less expensive products at normal grocery stores. “When I can I like to support local, because that is their livelihood … I mean there’s some times things that I can’t afford because I know …

Ingham County Democratic Party officials meet to set plans for 2018, beyond

LANSING — On March 17, the Ingham County Democratic Party held its spring convention. The purpose of the convention is to elect members and alternates to each of the three convention committees: Rules, Resolutions, and Credentials. The secondary purpose of these conventions is to consider resolutions to be forwarded to the state party for consideration. The members had a lot of things to do. Samantha Rose and Kelly Collison, both Democratic Party members, said they have a good expectation for the Democratic Party.

Flooding affects West Grand River Avenue, other parts of Ingham County

OKEMOS – on February 22, many roads in Ingham County were blocked by flooding. Because of snow and the heavy rain, there was a lot of water on the Grand River Avenue, and parts of that road and other roads were blocked off. The police erected a stop sign before the water, but many people still drove through the flood road. Some vehicles were trapped in the flood, and drivers was unable to continue the vehicle. Harvey Leroy is an police officer of Meridian Township.

Meridian Township sees higher rates of car-deer accidents than other Ingham County townships

OKEMOS — In the last several years, statistics from Michigan Traffic Crash Facts show Meridian Township in Ingham County has seen nearly double the number of car-deer accidents than the next highest number of accidents by township. Meridian Township implemented a deer management program that began in 2011, according to their website, and officials have seen a decrease in the number of accidents. Kelsey Dillon, a park naturalist for the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department, says they keep records of car accidents involving deer because of their deer management program. “We actually monitor car accident reports very closely and we work with our police department to … get that information, and over the last …

Reactions to controversial freedom of speech discussion on campuses

Freedom of speech is one aspect of the First Amendment that frequently plays itself into controversy within the country. There has been a longstanding debate on what constitutes as fair or unfair in several different cases regarding the issue. A specific forum that has been targeted are college campuses. Response to prior events on college campuses have brought forth questions on whether or not a college can be regarded as a completely public forum. Technically, a public school is considered to be a public forum, but it does hold its limitations in some cases.