Dublin Square’s BIG Comeback

Rumors of Dublin Square’s closing and comeback have been swirling around East Lansing. Where will it come back, how will it come back? Ruta Ulcinaite has updates on everything you need to know about this East Lansing staple and the development project that is sure to shake up East Lansing.

Watch Focal Point: An update with Judge Aquilina, new MSU interim president, extreme temperatures reach Michigan and more

On this edition of Focal Point, get an overview of the polar vortex that shutdown the state of Michigan, and resulted in Michigan State University’s seventh cancellation in history. Satish Udpa takes over as MSU’s new interim president after the resignation of John Engler. In sports, ESPN’s College GameDay came to MSU for the fifth time in anticipation for MSU’s game against Indiana. Those stories and more on this week of Focal Point.

MSU closes for only the seventh time in 150 years

Its been a mild winter for most of the year, but in the past couple of weeks the state of Michigan has been pounded by storm after storm. A polar vortex recently dropped over a foot of snow and wind chills brought the temperature down to -20 degrees. But, just a glimmer of hope for everybody, major league baseball spring training starts in two weeks, granted that will be down in the warmth of Florida and Arizona. The first day or spring is March 20th.

Michigan State University appoints third president in less than a year

Michigan State University has appointed Satish Udpa as its new acting interim president on January 17, 2019. Udpa was appointed after former President John Engler was asked to step down after comments made on survivors regarding the Larry Nassar case. Udpa has held many positions here at MSU and was also the former College of Engineering Dean. Appointed by the Board of Trustees, new member of the board Kelly Tebay said in a statement, “I think we are looking forward to seeing a much-needed change in tone from the top and the beginnings of healing on campus, as well as the start to changing the culture. Acting President Udpa brings a calm and steady hand that I think we need, and a commitment to better leadership from our administration.

One year after the Nassar case, she’s become a hero

It’s been a year since Judge Rosemarie Aquilina put Larry Nassar behind bars for life. Today, she calls herself an “accidental hero.” From being on the Today show to standing the survivors at the ESPYs, Judge Aquilina has become an advocate, which has made her a lot busier. “I get asked to do motivational speaking,” she said. Not only has she broadened her possibilities to make change, but, emotionally, she’s a bigger person.

University enrollment drops in Michigan for seventh year

The number of college-age students in the country is low, which is affecting enrollment at public universities, including here in Michigan. In fact, enrollment in Michigan public universities decreased for the seventh consecutive year. From 2017 to 2018, only seven of the 15 public universities in the state saw an increase in their freshman enrollment count. “2018 to 2028 the state is projecting about a 16,000 student loss and they’re kind of that high school age population,” John Ambrose, Michigan State University admissions interim director, said. According to the fall 2018 enrollment report, MSU saw an increase of about 300 students, but undergraduate applications dropped by over 3,000.