City Rescue Mission of Lansing provides more than shelter

Located on Cedar St. about two miles south of the capitol sits a rather unassuming brick building, however, on the inside, it is anything but. The City Rescue Mission of Lansing provides more than just food and a roof to sleep under, but hope to people in a difficult situation. Since 1911, City Rescue has a long and storied history serving the capital area as a nonprofit Christian ministry, operating solely on private donations. Laura Grimwood, the director of communications, has seen significant growth since she started working at City Rescue, particularly in the individual counseling and case management offered to guests of the shelter.

Photo by Alexa Seeger

Pioneering place- and project-based learning

The lights from the Mackinac bridge winked through the haze. The drizzle coursed down the students’ plastic ponchos as they walked Lake Michigan’s shore with one of their teachers, Charlotte Hagerman. Hagerman showed a group how to skip stones, since many had never done so before.

“Then this little guy, now he was a tough kid,” Hagerman said. “He comes up to me, ‘Ms. Hagerman, Ms. Hagerman,’ and he holds a shell up. And he says, ‘my first shell.’”

In order to build community and reach students at multiple grade and ability levels, Hagerman and Bobo looked to supplement lecture style teaching. After attending conferences and a chance meeting with another teacher pioneering place-based learning in Frankfort, the two teachers implemented project-based and place-based learning in their classroom.

How Ingham environmentalists are battling invasive species

You’ve probably heard about invasive species such as the Asian carp or zebra mussel, but what developments have been happening since then, and what developments have been happening in your backyard? Ever since environmentalists working for Ingham County received a grant, they have been on a mission to increase awareness and education about this issue.

Ingham 911 centers paid over $1 million in overtime

After a September meeting that saw Ingham County Controller Tim Dolehanty say that the county’s 911 dispatch center was facing a ‘crisis point’ in its staffing, recent campaigns to increase applications have yielded a handful of applicants and trainees. However, dispatch center director Lance Langdon is facing a problem that has begun to plague local governments across the nation.

Watch Focal Point: Coping with anxiety, recap of the Black Power Rally and more

Our reporters tackle how students who suffer with anxiety overcome the issues that come with it. We have a recap of the recent Lansing election and a preview of the upcoming firearms season. MSU held its 45th annual Black Power Rally. How is different this year? The Spartan Marching band has a special global performance planned for Saturday’s football game halftime show.

Teddy Bear Posse comforts children in distress

The third year of Ingham County’s Teddy Bear Posse rounded up thousands of the stuffed animals. Bears will be given to first responders and local agencies to help ease trauma for children found to be in stressful situations.