One of the more active community service-driven churches in Holt, Michigan, First Presbyterian runs the local Holt Food Bank Medical Lending Closet, and offers free tutoring for elementary school students.

What’s “happening” in Holt? Local churches are numerous and the place to be

Roy Sweet reclines in his seat after another Delhi Charter Township board meeting. He’s the township treasurer and recalls the time, 56 years ago, when he was baptized at Holt United Methodist Church. He’s been a regular attendee ever since. “It’s really the people who kept me going back. A lot of the same people still go there,” Sweet, who now serves as the treasurer of the town, said.


Where do your taxes go? Let’s take a look

It’s February, which means homeowners across the nation are soon to begin receiving their annual taxes from the previous year. Many residents in Holt have noticed increasing taxes as the years go by. “(Taxes) are pretty high,” Holt resident of four years Christen Lott said. “I don’t necessarily know why. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.”

Buses line the side parking lot of the Holt North High school campus on Feb. 10, 2017. The buses have to pick up the students at the North Campus before the students at the Main campus because of the slight schedule difference.

After unveiling of new high school, increase in Holt students but test scores remain near state average

Delhi Township Supervisor John Hayhoe leaned back in his chair at Tim Horton’s gazing out the window listing off the positives of Delhi Township and Holt when he came to a mid-thought remembrance. “The one thing we do have that’s a nice draw is Holt Schools,” Hayhoe said. “People actually move in to Holt so their kids can go to the local schools.”

Holt High School stands alone in what appears to be an old field. It’s a sprawling structure of brown brick and slanted roofs, reminiscent of multiple supermarkets placed next to each other. After what Hayhoe labeled as a “tough bill to pass” the bonds were sold through a millage and construction began in 2000 and concluded for the start of the 2003 school year.

Sam's Club  
340 E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing,MI 49811

Holt’s shopping district isn’t exactly burgeoning. Who is to blame?

There seems to be mixed feelings among Holt’s officials and residents on how many retail shopping stores there should be in the area and how long they should stay open. Local officials say that Holt has everything it needs while some residents are fed up with driving a few miles down the highway to the closest shopping area. According to Mary Fuller, a Holt resident, local town officials have been promising for years to open a new grocery store closer to her like Meijer for years but she has yet to see any construction for building one. “I moved to Holt in the ’90s because the school district was great and the taxes were lower than East Lansing. I enjoy living here but I have to drive 25 minutes way to the nearest grocery store if I want to pick up a late-night snack.


The plan for Realize Cedar

The Delhi Township has been planning for a new downtown area on Cedar Street for project known as “Realize Cedar”. The timeline for when the project will be started and completed is still vague because it is still in the planning stages. “The Township plans to begin working on engineering for some of the public infrastructure parts of the project in 2017,” said Miller. Although actual implementation of this would not start until 2018. The community members hope that the downtown area will become more popular, and more shops and restaurants will open when this project is done.

Seniors doing their ankle exercises during the cool down session.

Physical and mental health improvements for seniors in Holt

At the Sam Corey Senior Center in Holt, seniors come to exercise, stretch and have a good time. “I believe that government assistance is a great thing, it supports a lot of seniors, like me, in many ways,” Mary Atkinson, Sam Corey senior visitor said. “I am retired now and can’t afford all of the things that are needed for my health. I am on Medicare and it is very helpful knowing that the government is helping me in any way possible. I appreciate the things that are being done for me like covering my hospitals visit and medication for my blood pressure.”

Senior health has been a major concern in the United States, with inventions like Life Alert, advantages like American Association of Retired Persons or assistance with Medicare.


Meals On Wheels brings food and fun to seniors in Holt

The Sam Corey Senior Center was the first place built for seniors to come and congregate in Delhi Township. Every Wednesday, the center holds Meals on Wheels, an event where seniors benefit from the nutrition program that offers hot meals. The program is run by volunteers and benefits all residents 55-years and older. This October, the Center hosted a special Halloween edition where everyone, including volunteers and visiting seniors, wore costumes to show their spirit.

Cochran challenged by Clark 67th House seat

Democratic incumbent state Rep. Tom Cochran, D-Mason, faces challenger Republican  Leon Clark to represent the 67th District in the state House. With 60 percent of precincts reporting, Cochran leads Clark 56 percent to 44 percent. The 67th District spans much of southern Ingham County. Looking to win his third and final term in office, Cochran previously served on the Lansing Fire Department for over 29 years. Born and raised in Lansing, Cochran has been a mid-Michigan resident his entire life.