Red Cedar Elementary updating the school and programming

Along with the rebuilding and remodeling of East Lansing school district’s elementary schools, the programming inside of them will be seeing some changes, too. And the school board is moving toward more diversity and inclusion in these early childhood communities.

East Lansing Public Schools seek to increase diversity

East Lansing Public Schools, while currently not the most diverse school district, is making efforts to change for the better. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics’ Census data from 2000, the city of East Lansing has 5,398 residents under the age of 18. A whopping 3,806 of these children are white. Students and parents alike are taking notice to this fact. East Lansing High School sophomore and student of color, Megan Pemba, commented on her view of the level of diversity.

East Lansing, neighboring cities, partner with CATA to re-develop parts of downtowns

In downtown East Lansing, a major land redevelopment project is in the works that will affect land and street regulation. This project is known as Shaping the Avenue, and is a new initiative funded by the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) that will focus on analyzing and evolving how land is used in Lansing, East Lansing, Lansing Township, and Meridian Township, particularly on Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue. One important aspect of this project will be the use of form-based codes that will help dictate how buildings, walkways and roads will look in the future. “(This project) will address transit-oriented development, zoning ordinances, how buildings and streets would look, and really kind of more consistently, you’ll see development more consistently be implemented along the corridor,” said Laurie Robison, the director of marketing for CATA. Robison also explained the role that CATA is playing in this project.

Drinking holidays in East Lansing increase revenue at bars and liquor stores

East Lansing, being a college town, has a lot of bars and liquor stores where alcohol can be obtained. Those places see an increase in the amount of alcohol sales around several holidays that are considered drinking holidays. These drinking holidays are just normal holidays that society has associated with drinking. Either at parties or in social places such as bars as well as purchasing alcohol from liquor stores these holidays have become connected to alcohol. Some bars and liquor stores see an influx of people around drinking holidays.

Michigan State University renovates MSU Bakers shop with new storefront

Michigan State’s 50-year-old educational bakery has constructed an on-campus storefront at its Service Road location to offer more services to walk-in customers. MSU Bakers has been at the 220 Service Road location, near the Surplus Store, since 2007. Its students and experienced bakers create made-from-scratch goods such as bagels, breads, cookies, doughnuts and granola served in the dining halls, Sparty’s and Sparty’s Market. The new store hours are 7 a.m to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. The bakery, in addition to providing fresh treats for the MSU community, provides a learning opportunity for its student workers, said Leah Ball, communications manager for MSU Culinary Services, which runs the shop.

Bad road conditions are damaging residents’ vehicles in East Lansing

During what was expected to be a typical day driving for Uber, East Lansing resident Antoine Cato encountered a pothole. Cato could feel something wrong with his car and began to slow down. Once he made it to an auto shop, he grew angry and frustrated upon learning the hefty cost of replacing his tires. “I ended spending over $200 on two front tires … I was angry because these roads have been in need of repair,” said Cato.