East Lansing Costco could open by end of year

Area Costco fans soon won’t have to travel far to fill their carts with warehouse club deals. Costco is planning to open a store in East Lansing by the end of the year. This past December the city of East Lansing and Meridian came to an agreement with the development of Costco in a TIF deal for $1 million, which would be developed on the old Four Winds golf course that was closed in 2002. A TIF deal is a tax increment financing deal, which allows townships to use tax revenues from other businesses and entities in town to develop an economic development that benefits that town. The land being used to develop Costco was previously owned by Meridian Township but was annexed to the city of East Lansing in 2001.

Students Cope with Depression

Nye feels that there is hope for his life while dealing with depression.

“It’s like I’m excited because yeah I might be miserable now and I’ve been miserable for probably 5 years of my life and had one good month but that one month is enough for me to see okay this isn’t permanent.”

Aspiring Barbers

East Lansing – The City of spartans are filled with growing entrepreneurs such as Demario Bell and Andre Mosley. One being a MSU alum and the other graduating in May, these two men turned a hobby into a business for minority students who needed a barber away from home. The lack of minority barbers in the area make is difficult for different ethnicity groups to get a hair cut. “That’s one of the biggest obstacles they face as a black man coming to a predominantly white neighborhood or area, finding a barber,” Bell said.

A truck containing meals to be delivered to senior citizens pulls away from the Tri-County Office on Aging in Lansing.

Meals on Wheels offers more than just a plate

Casey Copp loads boxes of pre-made meals into the back of a truck outside Lansing’s Tri-County Office on Aging. It’s a weekly thing for him, as he says he enjoys giving back to his community. “I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now,” Copp said. “It’s nice to know that you’re helping to put a smile on someone’s face and some food in their stomach.”

The only problem is, who knows how long Copp will be able to keep doing this. President Donald Trump’s recent budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year includes increased investments in defense programs. However, these investments will be paid for through cuts to community service programs, such as Meals on Wheels.