To have space, or not to have space: Red Cedar Elementary and schools of choice

With the new Red Cedar Elementary and other school renovations over the next few years, what will happen with school of choice? East Lansing Board of Education Trustee Nichole Martin said some theories state that the opening of Red Cedar will bring in more students from other districts, but that is not her understanding. Martin said that besides Red Cedar, each elementary school will be built to hold 290 students. This is a smaller capacity than they hold now. By time the renovation happens, some current students in elementary school will have moved to the middle schools.

Aaliyah Nye working on her shot while at practice

East Lansing girls basketball focuses on championship dreams

Head coach Rob Smith has established himself as a top-tier leader for the East Lansing Lady Trojans for more than 15 years. He recently reached a career milestone of 300 wins as their head coach, and his team is ranked number 2 in the Class A division in the state and went into the playoffs undefeated.

Nassar survivor Kat Ebert works to bring change to MSU

While the MSU community works to heal from sexual assaults by Larry Nassar, students and faculty alike are looking for a person to bring about change, hope and a new way of life for the university. MSU sophomore and Nassar survivor Kat Ebert, said she hopes to do exactly that. “Yes, it was horrible. “But, I feel like it has helped me find my calling. I want to help other people, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”
— Kat Ebert
Ebert said that the counseling resources on campus are very limited, especially now that demand has become so high.

Construction begins at Red Cedar Elementary

Spring is bringing a lot of activity to Red Cedar Elementary. School construction is underway. After a $93.77 million bond millage was passed last May, the construction of Red Cedar Elementary has begun with a groundbreaking ceremony expected soon. At the Feb 12 meeting, the school board awarded a bid of $273,300 to Midwest Wall Company, LLC. The board also passed a motion to authorize Clark Construction reimbursable general conditions not to exceed $162,600 for the renovation project.