Safe Halloween brings students and citizens together

Halloween can be a hectic time for East Lansing with Michigan State students and children from suburban East Lansing both helping make the city come alive this time of year. But these two groups do not normally mingle unless there is an event like Safe Halloween. Safe Halloween is an annual event that has been going on for more than 20 years, hosted by MSU Greek Life. This year Safe Halloween is on Oct. 27.


East Lansing anxious about creepy clowns

Clowns normally make appearances at birthday parties and carnivals, but lately they have been roaming the streets, with the intent to scare anyone in sight. East Lansing residents are worried that they could be the next city inhabited by “creepy clowns.”

Michigan State University students ride bikes among pedestrians at a busy intersection on campus.

Distraction dominates roads in East Lansing

Car versus bike and car versus pedestrian accidents are common in East Lansing, said East Lansing Police Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth. “It’s a monthly occurrence. We get car versus either pedestrian or bike, skateboarder, you name it. You get them monthly. Sometimes multiples in a month,” he said.

Transportation engineer of AECOM Sean Kelsch addresses the crowd during the CATA Bus Rapid Transit presentation on Oct. 4, 2016 at Allen Neighborhood Center at 1611 E. Kalamazoo St. in Lansing, Mich.

Lansing, East Lansing, Meridian review CATA’s rapid transit plan

Capital Area Transportation Authority held three meetings to present modifications of its Bus Rapid Transport project to the public during the first week of October. The ideas are in response to community input at meetings in August. “The purpose of these meetings is for us to respond to the public. They raised a number of concerns with the current design, and said ‘we don’t like the way it is currently designed,’” CATA Assistant Executive Director Debbie Alexander said. “So we came back with some preliminary thinking to address those concerns.”

Current plan
The current BRT plan runs from the capital to Meijer and the Meridian Mall in Okemos.

East Lansing changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

On Sept. 27, the East Lansing city council voted to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. The new names was chosen to celebrate the indigenous people of North America. The city had many reasons for changing the name of Columbus Day. Mayor Mark Meadows said, “Indigenous people are the first Americans, not Columbus and his men.

Junior education major Emily Crawford at the MSU library showing off her completed Registration Form

Registering to vote made easy

East Lansing, Mich.–Some young students might have heard intimidating horror stories about the registration process, but in the digital age, there are plenty of online resources that can make participating in the political process easy. For Michigan State University junior and undergraduate education major Emily Crawford, it’s a matter of finding time to register, but for others, it’s a piece of cake and “would be an even bigger waste of time not to vote.” Crawford has just recently registered at the Secretary of State office in Lansing, Mich. “I found it very easy, and everyone there was so helpful,” said Crawford, laughing. “I was nervous at first because I thought they would ask me a bunch of questions about my citizenship and what not, but all they really wanted to do was offer help and ease the already easy process.”

Hospitality business major and junior at MSU, CeCe O’Reily thinks it’s very important to vote and be proactive because “we determine who takes office.”


“There are many resources around campus about how to actively get registered and vote, It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing and able to go about that process,” said O’Reily. “I found out how to vote through MSU’s online resources which were also really helpful.”

There are plenty of ways to actively seek out assistance with voting and MSU’s voting initiative really helped O’Reily out with the registration process.

East Lansing City Clerk Marie Wicks registers a voter

East Lansing city clerk to voters: voting absentee is easy

East Lansing City Clerk Marie Wicks has a message for voters: registering for an absentee ballot is one of the easiest things you’ll do this election season. Wicks said students are consistently surprised at how simple the process is. “That’s what I’ve heard over and over and over,” she said. “Students came in and they were like, ‘I can’t believe this is so easy, I didn’t need to show a birth certificate.’ Nope. Just need to show your ID, that’s it.”

That’s it.