CATA will offer free rides to anyone showing a voter registration card on Nov. 8.

CATA offers free rides to voters on Election Day

Capital Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, will offer free rides on Election Day, Nov. 8. A bus pass will not be required. CATA Director of Marketing Laurie Robison wrote in an email that “a valid voter registration card is all that’s required for a free ride aboard CATA on Election Day.”

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East Lansing tallies the expense of serving MSU

Michigan State University and East Lansing are intertwined.  They depend on each other.  MSU brings students and commerce, while East Lansing provides the university off-campus housing and basic services.  These services include fire, police, trash and ambulances. “All fire protection on campus is the East Lansing Fire Department,” said East Lansing Financial Health Team (FHT) member Michael Moquin.

Shelly Lahanas watches her daughter Eleni give Tate Smith candy at the Wild Goose Inn's Land of Oz.

Annual Great Pumpkin Walk takes place in East Lansing

East Lansing’s annual Great Pumpkin Walk brought hundreds of trick-or-treaters to the city’s downtown area on Oct. 27. Families from East Lansing and its surrounding area brought their children to trick-or-treat at the Great Pumpkin Walk, where attendees were abe to trick-or-treat at more than 50 downtown merchants. The Wild Goose Inn, located on Albert Avenue, also hosted its annual “Land of Oz” as part of the Great Pumpkin Walk, where volunteers from All-of-Us Express Children’s Theatre dressed as characters from “the Wizard of Oz” and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treaters will have another chance to trick-or-treat on Halloween, too.


Safe Halloween brings students and citizens together

Halloween can be a hectic time for East Lansing with Michigan State students and children from suburban East Lansing both helping make the city come alive this time of year. But these two groups do not normally mingle unless there is an event like Safe Halloween. Safe Halloween is an annual event that has been going on for more than 20 years, hosted by MSU Greek Life. This year Safe Halloween is on Oct. 27.


East Lansing anxious about creepy clowns

Clowns normally make appearances at birthday parties and carnivals, but lately they have been roaming the streets, with the intent to scare anyone in sight. East Lansing residents are worried that they could be the next city inhabited by “creepy clowns.”

Michigan State University students ride bikes among pedestrians at a busy intersection on campus.

Distraction dominates roads in East Lansing

Car versus bike and car versus pedestrian accidents are common in East Lansing, said East Lansing Police Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth. “It’s a monthly occurrence. We get car versus either pedestrian or bike, skateboarder, you name it. You get them monthly. Sometimes multiples in a month,” he said.