MSU students push for better access to menstrual products on campus

Access to menstrual products and the stigma surrounding menstrual cycles are prevalent issues around the world, including on MSU’s campus. Student groups are aiming to improve this by changing the way menstrual cycles are talked about and by pushing for products to become more easily accessible in buildings across campus.  

PERIOD MSU, Spartan Women’s Health Alliance and other groups on campus have already taken steps to provide products to locations on campus and to help students navigate where they can find them in an instance of an emergency. PERIOD is a “menstrual movement” that has over 150 chapters across the nation with the goal of providing menstrual products to those in need. This fall, Nama Naseem created a chapter of PERIOD at MSU.

Course on blockchain may return next fall

By Taylor Haelterman

A new course often found within Ivy League universities wrapped up this week, but officials say after a successful first semester, they hope to offer blockchain to more Michigan State University undergrads next fall. Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger of transactions. Each person or company involved in a purchase can hold their own digital copy to prevent fraud and increase security. Blockchain is associated with bitcoin. Though the hype of bitcoin has died down, blockchain still has many useful applications outside of bitcoin trade.

From roses to the Red Box for MSU Football

You’ve probably heard of the Rose Bowl before. But have you ever heard of the Red Box Bowl? Michigan State found out that after their 7-5 season they’d be heading to Santa Clara to take on Oregon. The bowl game has had seven different names before, with the most recent name deriving from the DVD rental company. The MSU football team is remaining positive about the game, calling it a good opportunity for the program.

MSU going green in more ways than one

Michigan State is known for its “Go Green, Go White” chant, but the university is actually going green and it’s efforts aren’t going unnoticed. 

The university offers many opportunities for students to get involved in a variety of things that contribute to sustainability, or the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Michigan State sophomore Abigail Kuplicki started her journey at the Student Organic Farm a little over a year ago. The farm gives other students a chance to get involved, the same way that Kuplicki joined it. “The student organic farm offers an organic farmer training program that trains students to be farmers here,” she said. However, before the university can teach sustainability to meet the needs of this generation without compromising future generations, the director of sustainability’s team is on a mission to share the university’s success in a way that we can all understand. 

“We’ve done a lot but we don’t talk about it in a comprehensive way so that people can understand and can embrace it with us,” said Amy Butler.

Watch Focal Point: Engler cancels Nassar survivor fund, Michigan new minimum wage and more

On the last show of the semester, Interim President John Engler has put a halt to a fund dedicated to help Larry Nassar survivors. Plus, a easy way to get money in Michigan could soon not be possible. Also, a student is trying to get more American flags installed on campus, but he’s being met with complications. In sports, the MSU football team is going west for their bowl game against Oregon. This week in entertainment, Kevin Hart gives up his Oscar-hosting gig after old homophobic slurs resurface.

Ex-MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon arraigned on charges connected to Larry Nassar scandal

As MSU freshman Zach Willoughby spends his afternoon bowling in the basement of the MSU Union, he reflects on the state of the university. “I think that it has kinda fallen into the shadows a little bit after the whole sentencing of Larry Nassar,” Willoughby said. Former Michigan State president Lou Anna K. Simon appeared in court, facing charges related to the Larry Nassar scandal. Simon stepped down as president in January, just hours after the Nassar sentencing concluded in Ingham County. “They want her and the whole thing to just disappear and it shouldn’t happen like that, you can’t just make stuff like this disappear because it’ll create a stigma around your university,” Willoughby said.

MSU junior creates clothing to reduce waste

Does a garment have to be just a garment or a platform for multiple garments? For Timosha Krivtsov, a junior in the department of Apparel and Textile Design, the answer is the latter. After discovering that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, Krivtsov embarked on a journey to create a new recipe for clothing, one that would reduce fabric waste and harm the environment less. He found that a lot of the same silhouettes are used recurrently. “For instance, a hoodie and a crew-neck are essentially the same thing, but a crew-neck just doesn’t have a kangaroo pocket and a hood,” he said.

Two decades later, this MSU fan hasn’t missed a single game

It started with two tickets to a volleyball game 19 years ago. Two decades later, they haven’t missed a single game. Stephanie Russell traded in barbie dolls for basketball and baby dolls for volleyballs a long time ago. “Love, love state,” said Russell. A love for State so big, everything in her room is sparty-filled.

A top ten MSU team that will rev your curiosity

Michigan State is known for their hoops. The basketball team started the season in the AP Top Ten. But one of the best teams at Michigan State might be one you’ve never heard of… the formula racing team. “We design, build and race a brand new formula styled vehicle every single year,” said Ajay Mehta, team project manager.