This is the south side of Spartan Stadium, where the MSU students line up and enter.

MSU student section attendance analysis

Michigan State hosted Maryland on Nov. 18 in football. It was rainy and 45 degrees. Something that stood out to fans in Spartan Stadium was the student section or lack of one. This isn’t the first time the bleachers have seemed empty in the stadium’s southwest corner, which is reserved for student tickets.

The MSU ticket office moved locations and is now located in 1855 Place.

How does the MSU ticket office determine student prices?

For the 2017 football season, Michigan State University student tickets were $182 after fees and taxes, one of the highest student ticket costs in years past. But how does the university determine student ticket prices? “Typically 50 percent of the public rates for football,” said Paul Schager, executive associate athletic director at MSU. In other words, on average, students pay about half of what the general public price of $360 for season tickets. “I didn’t mind paying the price,” said Dalton Pecar, a senior at MSU.

Former athletes push training programs to stop sexual assault

Former athletes are taking leadership positions in efforts to stop sexual assault among college athletes. In August, following a string of high-profile sexual assault cases in universities, the NCAA mandated that every athlete, coach, athletic administrator complete a sexual assault program annually. The goal of these programs is to help teach student-athletes how to act appropriately and to encourage them to become a helping hand when they see or are even a part of a sexual assault or domestic violence situation. “Branded a Leader” and “Huddle Up” are two programs used by many colleges campuses to educate student-athletes about sexual assault and the impacts it can have on students, the university and teammates. The programs were developed by National Consortium for Academics and Sports.