No off-season for MSU’s Zeke the Wonderdog

If you’ve been to a Michigan State football game, then you have probably seen the the Spartans’ frisbee-catching canine, Zeke the Wonderdog. Zeke is on the field with his owner, running around and catching frisbees. With each one he catches, the crowd often gets louder and louder. Zeke isn’t just known for halftime of the MSU football games. He is a celebrated figure in the Michigan State community.

A Spartan flags hangs inside inside the MSU Swimming and Diving facility in IM West on April 4.

MSU’s Israeli swimming duo adjust to American life

Tal Hanini knew he was in for a big change the second he stepped outside and saw his first Michigan snowfall. He quickly went back inside and grabbed a couple more layers before braving the elements. Hanini attempted to walk to his class, but got lost — a common occurrence during his freshman year. Asking for directions? Not as easy as it might seem with broken English, not knowing anybody in a sea of nearly 50,000 students.

Spartans raise sexual assault awareness by swiping card

April is the focal point of social media campaigns and organized campus events recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Michigan State University Federal Credit Union is helping increase awareness and healing for those affected by sexual violence in the “It All Adds Up” campaign.