New moped rules hit MSU’s campus

With a 5,200-acre campus, many Michigan State students look to mopeds for a convenient way to get to and from class. 

“The reason I did get a moped was because my classes were in like Comm Arts or Akers, pretty much every single one,” said Josie Foguth, a senior at MSU. 

However moped users are facing some changes this school year. 

Watch a new episode of Focal Point

A new $88 million MSU research facility opens in Grand Rapids. Students must follow new moped parking rules next year. Plus construction updates in our on-campus report. Those stories and more on Focal Point.

MSU Research Center opening doors to discovery

It’s a dream that has been five years in the making – the MSU Grand Rapids Research Center is finally open for business.

Thirty-three research teams will move into the 162,800 square foot space this fall to research neurological disorders, cancers, women’s health issues and more. The six story building has room to grow and will eventually accommodate 44 teams.