Watch Focal Point: College voters expected to be the highest, MSU is trying to reduce food waste and more

On this week’s episode of Focal Point News, college voter turnout is expected to be the highest in any midterm election. Plus, a Democratic candidate came to campus to hear the concerns of students. In campus, an MSU program is weighing how much food the nine dining halls are wasting. The homecoming parade was a success, we’ll look at how it went. In sports, we recap the loss against Northwestern and what the football team is hoping to do against Penn State.

The flock is getting lighter

“This is like a gift for MSU students,” Antione Taylor, an MSU student, said. 

Students say Bird scooters are getting hard to find and there are a lot less zipping in-and-out of traffic on-campus. That’s because MSU Police have impounded at least 140 of these electric scooters. MSU Police Captain, Doug Monette, says the department is treating Birds like they would any other type of motor vehicle. 

“They can’t be driven on the sidewalks,” Monette said. “There has been situations where officers have educated people as well as enforcement.” The bike lanes are not a place for the scooters either. 

“The bike lanes are for bikes, not motorized vehicles,” Monette said.

The Birds have landed

A flock of never before seen birds are taking over campus. 

“They’re here. The birds have landed,” Bird catcher, Mike Thompson, said. 

But, we’re not talking about birds you see in the sky. We’re talking the Bird scooters that are zipping in and out of traffic. “They’re really fun, they go like 15 miles an hour, they’re great,” Thompson said. Mike Thompson is a ‘Bird Catcher.’

A new app could change how you check your blood pressure

A Michigan State University team has created something new that may change the way that people check your blood pressure. Engineering professor Ramakrishna Mukkamala and a team of PhD students have created a simple way to check your blood pressure after years of tests and experiments. The app was created to simplify the current process of checking your blood pressure. The app requires you to hold your finger on the screen, adjust the lines and hold it down while the app calibrates your blood pressure. The BP number appears at the top and two graphs calculate the blood pressure prediction.

Watch Focal Point: Penalties that could come with tailgating, new Spartan innovations and more

On this week’s episode of Focal Point News, some things you may do while tailgating that could get you in trouble with the law. Also, a new church opened, but in an unusual location. Plus, an over 40-year-old service offered on campus is stopping for good. Homecoming is this week, we’ll take a look at some events that happened on campus and speak with the grand marshal of the parade. In sports, we recap the game against CMU and what to expect against Northwestern.

Watch Focal Point: Student-made video games going big; what’s up with these new scooters around EL?

On this episode of Focal Point News, we find out who is behind charging those new scooters on campus. Also, say goodbye to the ‘$5 footlong.’ Plus, students get innovative with making their own video games that are catching the eyes of major corporations. A new MSU art lab has expanded to downtown, have you checked it out? In sports, a recap of the game against IU and a look forward to the one against CMU.

People and cellphones: A new normal

Cellphones have become an integral part of day-to-day life. Many people carry a cellphone with them, whether they use it to communicate, entertain themselves, stay current with the news or to conduct business. “I think I would do okay without it, but I am definitely addicted to social media,” Ehlana Whyman, a college student, said. “I don’t live at home anymore, I would miss being able to talk to my family.” Others love the services cellphones provide, but feel that they could manage without one.

One teen’s passion for developing apps

Hussein El Feky first became interested in programming when he was 13. What started out as a passion for building things, ended up developing into a love for program and application building. “At that point, I only learned a lot of basic concepts from random articles on the internet,” he said. Two years later, El Feky, of Cairo, Egypt, caught “the programming bug” and started getting serious about building phone apps, specifically for Android. “My first phone was an Android device, and I can easily say I fell in love with the operating system,” he said.

Gaining a digital following from food

Curious about the concept of food blogging, what it takes, and why it’s becoming so popular? Hear from two food bloggers themselves about why they started.

Meridian Mall looks to avoid the growing list of dead malls

Think back to the days you rode with your parents and friends to the mall, excited to finally buy that cool new pair of shoes or an outfit. You were greeted with the smell of warm pretzels at the food court and the sound of cheerful kids running around in the play area and arcade. The mall was the town’s hotspot, and now they’re closing faster than ever. Meridian Mall now battles the struggle of losing stores to online shopping. Dead — or malls with a high vacancy rate — are often due to advances in technology, online shopping and delivery services.