Williamston’s small-town feel draws visitors from near, far


To Elizabeth “Liz” Williams, dance is much more than a passion. It’s a lifestyle. When she was in junior high, Williams knew she wanted to share that lifestyle with others. So in 1992, she opened the doors to the Elizabeth Williams School-Dance in downtown Williamston. Williams fell in love with the old buildings in Williamston, a community that she was familiar with prior to opening her studio.

Watch Focal Point: Engler cancels Nassar survivor fund, Michigan new minimum wage and more

On the last show of the semester, Interim President John Engler has put a halt to a fund dedicated to help Larry Nassar survivors. Plus, a easy way to get money in Michigan could soon not be possible. Also, a student is trying to get more American flags installed on campus, but he’s being met with complications. In sports, the MSU football team is going west for their bowl game against Oregon. This week in entertainment, Kevin Hart gives up his Oscar-hosting gig after old homophobic slurs resurface.

Bringing Lansing to eBay

With the help of online shopping, people from all over the world are able to shop and help support businesses. Now, people from all over the world can shop and help support businesses in the greater Lansing area through eBay. It’s all part of eBay’s Retail Revival program where Lansing entrepreneurs and small business owners get the opportunity to sell their merchandise and goods online. “I’ve sold things just from my website to people across the country, but it’s me promoting it, but it’s nice to have eBay on my side and to help me promote my stuff as well,” said Cori Thackery, Owner of Sweetlees Boutique. Thackery wanted to be a part of the program because she says eBay is a platform she has never really sold on before and she thought she would reach a whole new customer base.

MSU junior creates clothing to reduce waste

Does a garment have to be just a garment or a platform for multiple garments? For Timosha Krivtsov, a junior in the department of Apparel and Textile Design, the answer is the latter. After discovering that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, Krivtsov embarked on a journey to create a new recipe for clothing, one that would reduce fabric waste and harm the environment less. He found that a lot of the same silhouettes are used recurrently. “For instance, a hoodie and a crew-neck are essentially the same thing, but a crew-neck just doesn’t have a kangaroo pocket and a hood,” he said.

Leaving a mark with artwork

After starting to study psychology when he got to MSU, DeMarco Jackson realized art was his calling. “My mom always used to tell me how my dad was into art,” Jackson said. “He was never in my life, so I just felt like that was my way of kind of connecting with him even though he wasn’t around.” 

While he’s trying to connect with his father, he began his connection with campus through his business, DeMarco’s Mark. “DeMarco’s Mark is literally just about me making my mark before I leave here at Michigan State and I really just want people to know my name,” Jackson said. “I just want the acknowledgment I’ve always deserved.” 

In just a year, DeMarco’s Mark has blossomed into something he’d never imagined.

East Lansing’s Great Pumpkin Walk brings out treats and smiles

The annual Great Pumpkin Walk took place Tuesday in East Lansing. Families with costumed children from babies to teens went door-to-door to collect candy from local businesses. More than 50 merchants participated in the free two-hour event. As part of the Great Pumpkin Walk, some businesses tried to go beyond the typical trick-or-treating. The Wild Goose Inn held its annual “Land of Oz” and decorated the entire outside of the building with a Wizard of Oz theme. This event leads up to the real night of trick-or-treating in the downtown residential neighborhoods, which will take place 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

MSU student wins trip to 2018 NYFW


Chantel Booker has always seen herself as creative. It was no surprise that her creativity would land her somewhere big… the Big Apple! “I’ve always been different,” said the 4th year Apparel & Textile Design student. “I even had an art-based curriculum in high school.”

An answered prayer for the Lansing Mall

“It’s something that started out as a hobby and ended up as a business,” said owner of Lansing Athletics, Al Salas. Thirty years later and Lansing Athletics still hasn’t gone out of style. “Well, we have seen a couple of changes within the past ten years, and one of them has been online shopping,” said Salas. Salas probably prays that he can keep his store open in a mall these days. “Here in the Lansing mall, we probably have about 25 percent vacancy,” said Salas.

Hidden MSU gems

When it comes to finding the perfect MSU swag items, the Michigan State campus is not short of places that provide them. However, two particular places on campus may have been slipping under your radar and they’re both located south of campus on Service Road. The Spartan Linen Services is the branch in charge of doing laundry for multiple departments on campus. But aside from laundry, the linen services has a storefront that carries MSU clothing items in various colors. The store also offers personalized services such as silk screening and embroidery.