IM buildings to be renovated

The seeds are planted inside IM West. Brand new artificial turf is being rolled out and it’s the first time being replaced in the past 46 years. IM Sports director, Joel Eddy, says the changes are long overdue. “The surface is very thin which was a tripping hazard,” said Eddy. Changes aren’t only coming to the floor, but the rafters too.

Meridian Township is waiving building permit fees

The Red Cedar flooded over 300 homes, said the City of Lansing, and the damage caused by the flood demands reconstruction. On Feb. 22 the Red Cedar River flooded as rain poured down for multiple days, and large amounts of snow melted into the river. The precipitation and snowmelt caused over 10 inches of flooding in neighboring areas of the river. To help residents, the Meridian Township board has elected to waive the building permit fees for homes largely affected by flood damage.

In Williamston, running a business, being a mother is a juggling act

The house at 5108 Barton Road in Williamston looks like any other house. There are trees out front, a few cars parked in the driveway and a garage door wide open, giving people a glimpse of the backyard. All seems normal until the sound of dogs, chickens and alpacas fill the air. Yes, alpacas. In the backyard of this home lies Circle 6 Alpacas, a fiber production farm that houses 30 alpacas, one goat, three horses, two dogs, five cats and 10 chickens.

Catch more trout–if you can!

Capital News Service
LANSING — Anglers fishing for brook trout in the Upper Peninsula this season can tackle portions of 36 streams where the daily bag limit has been increased to 10 fish. The season just opened and runs until Sept. 30. “It’s been an evolving issue,” said George Madison, a Baraga-based fisheries manager for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “For many years, the daily possession limit was 10 brook trout.

Dart Container gives Mason a global presence and economic boost

The Dart family business that started close to 100 years ago continues to grow in the city of Mason and all over the world. Dart Bank and Dart Container Corporation are related to one another through the same family but from different lines of the family, said Mayor of Mason Russell Whipple. Dart Container Corporation was developed in Mason and has continued to grow as they start to expand internationally. Mason City Administrator Deborah Stuart said, “They’re an international corporation with businesses all around the world … with their headquarters being located here, they’re very active with volunteer work and many employees live here in Mason.”

Whipple said, “Dart Container started out as more of a general machinery kind of company and they worked their way into Styrofoam cups … obviously they hit it really well, they’re probably the biggest Styrofoam cup maker in the world, you can go anywhere in the world and tip a (Styrofoam) cup over and it says Mason, Michigan on it because they’re Dart cups and they make almost all of them here.”

Executive Vice President-Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Dart Container Corporation, Christine Waltz said “There are over 40 locations in six countries, in Mason alone there’s 1,800 people employed.” Having a company as big as Dart Container Corporation is a big stepping stone to growing a city such as Mason.

Downtown Building 402 proposed to get renovation soon

Mason’s historical downtown square is expecting a new addition, starting later this year. Although the proposal hasn’t been approved yet, The Building 402 Project is set to start construction in the summer of 2018. The project is the renovation of Building 402 of South Jefferson Street, which was previously The Baja Grille. The Baja Grille closed its doors after an electrical fire in June of 2015, according to the Lansing State Journal. Teresa Wren is the owner of Building 402 and Kean’s Store Company.

East Lansing is going to soon have a housing market overload

East Lansing has residents that live in apartment complexes which could see issues in coming years with rent control and foreclosures because of the amount of other apartment complexes that are opening up. East Lansing has an estimated total population of 48,365 as of the Census estimations of 2016. The United States Census estimations has the population from 15 to 24 years being 64.1 percent of the cities population. East Lansing is a college town and in college towns you tend to see a lot of certain types of businesses fast food places tanning salons and apartment complexes are among these, said Charles Ballard, a professor of economics at Michigan State University. East Lansing is an example of a student driven economy where businesses appear to cater to the needs of the students as well as the residents of the city.

War on opioids affects local community

The opioid crisis has impacted communities across the nation, and Lansing is no exception. Walnut Neighborhood, located between Old Town and downtown Lansing, is currently struggling with an incoming drug rehabilitation facility proposed in their community. With a lot of turn-of-the-century homes, this neighborhood was part of the original plat of designed homes for Lansing. This is also where the former Michigan School for the Blind campus is located. A house on that land, known as the Superintendent’s house, is where the proposed drug rehabilitation facility is going to be.