Michigan wines, trying to crack global market, look to China

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LANSING — Michigan’s wine industry is thriving, with more than 125 wineries scattered across the state. Many have been successful in selling their products outside of Michigan. Some get their wines onto the shelves of stores in other states, while others ship products to customers living in other states. The international market, however, has been tough to crack. “Wines face a number of challenges internationally when compared with other alcoholic beverage products,” said Allie Fox VanDriel, the international marketing coordinator for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Researchers want your old Lake Michigan vacation pictures

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LANSING — Have any old photos of sand dunes collecting dust? A new citizen science project has popped up in Michigan, and the managers are calling on you to help out by dusting them off. The idea is to help researchers study the changes of sand dunes along Lake Michigan. The project is led by the Michigan Environmental Council, West Michigan Environmental Action Council and Michigan State University. Michigan’s sand dunes are iconic features of the state.

Growers protect crop now to harvest strawberries later

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LANSING — In the aftermath of a polar vortex-laden winter, Midwest strawberry farmers are still waiting to see if the cold and snow harmed this season’s crop. Now that daily temperatures are starting to regularly rise above freezing, any damage to this year’s supply of the popular fruit can be determined, said Carlos Garcia-Salazar, a small fruit educator at Michigan State University. The sweet red fruit favored in jams and pies grows on a perennial, a plant that re-emerges from the soil each year even after harsh winters – like the one that just affected the Great Lakes region. Midwestern strawberry farmers take timely precautions with their plants. Perennials persist in growing every spring, but farmers want to ensure strawberries become plump and gain their signature bright red appearance.

East Lansing prepares for Final Four

East Lansing bars and area police have made plans for Saturday night’s Final Four game between Michigan Stat University and Texas Tech. They are asking people to stay celebrate smartly and warning that, if trouble occurs, even bystanders can be subject to arrest.

New ‘Chipotlanes’ restaurant coming to Delta Township

A new kind of Chipotle restaurant is coming to Delta Township. A ‘Chipotlanes’ restaurant will be coming to the Delta Shopping center, and the drive-through won’t feature an order board or pay window. Drive-through orders will require customers to order and pay through the Chipotle app.