Telehealth gaining popularity but obstacles remain

By AGNES BAO Capital News Service LANSING – Although more health systems in the state encourage their members to use telehealth services, some patients and physicians are hesitant, experts say. Telehealth delivers health information and services through computers. It connects … Continue reading →

New construction in downtown East Lansing to provide housing, parking and retail for residents

The Center City District redevelopment project has residents hopeful for positive changes in downtown East Lansing. According to the City of East Lansing website, the City Center District is a mixed-use redevelopment project involving Albert and Grand River avenues. Planning & Zoning Administrator David Haywood said the project will include two buildings with housing, retail, a parking structure and infrastructure improvements. “There are two buildings, one on Grand River and one on Albert,” said Haywood. “The Grand River building is 12 stories.

Mason’s 35th Annual Spring Fling Festival benefits businesses and the community

Although spring weather seems distant after this week’s snow, Mason’s 35th annual Spring Fling Festival is exactly a month away. The Spring Fling Festival is a four-day event held in Mason’s downtown courthouse square with the main event held on Saturday May 5, according to the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce. The Saturday event is the 35th annual Spring Fling Courthouse Show which takes places on the lawn of the Ingham County Courthouse. The show features food vendors, arts and crafts and community groups according to the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce newsletter, “Mason in Motion.”

Mason is known for its collection of festivals and different community events throughout the year. These events encourage positive business growth and foot traffic in the Mason area, according to Mason Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Douglas Klein.

Impression 5 science center provides great interactive learning, but always room to improve, say residents and organization

LANSING — Science has a home in the heart of Ingham County. “What we are trying to achieve is giving a space for children to hone their scientific behavior, a space that they can explore things like critical thinking and collaboration and scientific content” says Erik Larson, executive director at the science and learning center Impression 5. Impression 5 is located in downtown Lansing and provides a unique and informal learning environment for children and their families to get excited about science. Larson says, “Impression 5 was created … to create an interactive learning environment so…

Potential trade war has yet to impact Ingham County

On March 22, President Donald Trump ordered up an array of tariffs against numerous countries, blocked Chinese takeovers of U.S. companies and sought new restrictions on future Chinese investment. It was seen as the beginning of a trade war against China. Nuola Lee is a resident of Lansing. She said, “I didn’t pay much attention to national policies. I just know a lot about (the) trade war in TV and news reports.”

For now, the policies seem to have no effect on the lives of residents. Lee said, “I have read some reports about family life, prices may increase in the future.

Williamston’s 304 River Edge Lofts has 17 apartments ready for lease

It’s not hard to find 304 River Edge Lofts while strolling through downtown Williamston. The four-story brick building stands out in the mix of old-fashioned buildings because of its newness and modern aesthetic. The apartment complex was built last summer and opened in October 2017. With 30 apartments, 17 are sitting empty. With one-bedroom floor plans for $1,250 a month and two-bedroom floor plans for $1,510 a month, property manager Katelyn Franklin said this has some residents concerned.