Michigan State gathers for new business complex ribbon cutting

The Michigan State Broad Business of College officially opened the Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion with a ribbon cutting during homecoming week. Students, faculty and alumni all flooded into the new Minskoff Pavilion ribbon cutting. The new facility became open to the public this July after two years of construction. The facility covers about 100,000 square feet. Over 85% of undergraduate business courses and almost 100% of graduate courses are now taught in the building.

Watch Focal Point: General Motors Strike, East Lansing rent increase and more

On this edition of Focal Point News, General Motors workers are on strike for equal benefits. Also, students moving into the newest East Lansing sky rise, The Hub, experienced some unexpected complications. Plus, East Lansing and Ann Arbor were listed in the top ten for fastests growing rent. 

In sports, Michigan State football had a homecoming date with Indiana last week, with a high scoring affair between the two teams. 

In entertainment, Spider Man is set to return to the big screen. 

These stories and more on Focal Point. 

East Lansing makes top ten for increased rent

Residential real estate platform, Zumper, released the top college towns with the fast growing rent. Two Michigan cities placed in the top ten. In the survey of nearly 50 college towns across the United States, East Lansing came in at number seven with a 14.3% increase from the previous. The research found, from 2018 to 2019, rent for a one bedroom increased $100. With new developments like The Hub on Campus and Landmark, competition is increasing, but so are prices.

Technology and sustainability are key focuses for future of Novi

NOVI, Mich.- Approaching its 50th anniversary as a township, Novi has attained the status of being among the fastest growing communities in the state of Michigan. With a population of more than 60,000 as of 2018, Novi is among the 20 most populated cities in Michigan, according to the Michigan Demographics website. With a population that keeps growing, though, as evidenced by how the population has gone up by nearly 5,000 since the 2010 census had it at 55,224, the process of sustaining such a large community is something that presents a much more difficult challenge for city government. “You’re going to need to have multiple actions going on to ensure that the community that is growing is the community that people want,” said Rex LaMore, the director of the MSU Center for Community Economic Development, who has 35 years of experience in the field. “There’s a number of important elements to consider.

Roads and community center main topic points at rare study session in Novi

NOVI, Mich.- The Novi City Council convened for a special meeting on July 17, to focus on studying plans for both road construction and for the potential building of a community center in Novi. “We were able to create a committee,” Mayor Pro-Tem Dave Staudt said. “My goals going in were getting work done on neighborhood roads, getting work on roads that have economic payback and mitigating traffic, and I don’t know if council share my goals but we were able to create a committee to study it.”

“I think it was an accomplishment,” said Councilwoman Doreen Poupard. “It could’ve just been a regular study session but we came out of it with legitimate plans and direction for improvements we want to make going forward.” A primary question going in to the meeting was whether there was going to be enough time to be able to approve a bond to fund the road construction and put it on the ballot for the upcoming November elections, a question that was answered early on.

Bogue Street protected bike lane pilot program approved by East Lansing City Council

A proposed bike lane on Bogue Street is inching closer to a reality, as the team behind the proposal updated members of the council at a meeting on July 16. The team behind the proposal presented at the Traffic Commission meeting the previous evening, on July 15, and presented to the council an update on the project, which has tentative installation date of mid-August. “We’re redoing the trail from Farm Lane to Bogue,” said project manager Tressa Wahl. “We studied it long and hard, and we came up with this solution, and that’s why we’re rolling with it.”

“We looked at a lot of other options, too,” said team member Robert Rayl, of RS Engineering, LLC, “and this was the safest one.”

A pilot program of a new bike lane on Bogue Street was approved and supported by council at the July 16 meeting. The team aims to complete installation mid-August, with an October removal.