The golf course is now used for low impact recreational purposes for the township.
Photo by Madison Job

No signs of re-development for Lansing Township’s Waverly Golf Course

Currently, there are no plans underway showing signs of re-development for the now-empty lot that was once the Waverly Golf Course. Due to a zoning moratorium expiring in Lansing Township, the 120-acre property owned by the City of Lansing closed in 2007. The lot is now a “single-family residential area,” according to Sam Schultz, who is the township planner in Lansing Township. “Currently, it is used as recreation space and it would have to be re-zoned if anything was to be done,” Schultz said. “If zoning was re-done, it could be used for only the options under the township ordinances which involve low resident intensity like churches or public parks and playgrounds.”

Holly Madill who is the outreach specialist for the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute and Planning & Zoning Center provided information on zoning moratoriums from the Michigan State University Extension.

New housing option coming for students

The beginning phase of an extension of The Cottages of East Lansing has begun. The Cottages, located in the Chandler Crossing community, is a small neighborhood composed of cottage-style homes that are a very popular housing option amongst local college students.

Meijer and Chick-fil-A talk about possible increase in traffic


Chick-fil-A is opening its first store in Okemos, just a couple months after opening a store in the Lansing area. They are expecting to open on Mar. 30 at 2055 W. Grand River, in front of the Meijer. Meijer sold their out-lot in front of their store to Chick-fil-A, so they don’t expect Chick-fil-A to be detrimental to their store. When Chick-fil-A opened in Lansing late last year,it brought increased traffic in the shopping center parking lot where it is located.

Countryside Manor Apartment complex in Bath Township, Mich.

Countryside Manor to qualify for free water heaters from Consumers Energy

Countryside Manor, a low-income housing apartment complex in Bath Township, Mich., has qualified for 30 free water heaters for all units from Consumers Energy. The water heaters are Energy Star, which brands themselves as energy efficient. Consumers Energy began an incentive program back in 2008 because of the passing of the Energy Bill that puts an emphasis on energy conservation. Consumers Energy Public Information Director Terry DeDoes said that it was a comprehensive bill that had goals of reducing pressure on the electric grid. “We have different programs to provide to different residential and industrial customers to save energy,” DeDoes said.

Michigan State University’s newest apartment home

1855 Place, a student family and single student apartment community will open Fall 2017.

According to Kat Cooper, director of communications for hospitality services, in the family units it is a total price and in the rest of the facility it is a per person price.

Camilla Johnson, junior, feels that the pricing does not accommodate everyone.

“Its not fair, just because they have a family it should be a flat rate and students have to pay by the room,” Johnson said. “I feel like it should be some kind of adjustment there.”