Up North, sustainability is everywhere

By ERIC FREEDMAN Capital News Service   LANSING — What do a trail system linking Northwest Michigan communities, a small-scale organic vegetable farm that supplies local restaurants with fresh produce, citizen-scientists alert for invasive aquatics, apple researchers and critics of … Continue reading →

Spring break another financial stress for college students

College in the spring is all about spring break. Yet, spring break vacation can be expensive. Students already having to pay for the new school year can be another financial stress putting together a vacation. Luckily, planning early help to make it more affordable. Michigan State student Albertina Mays is an expert at saving money for spring break.

When clothing is shed, some see cash appear

When most people hear of a gentlemen’s club many thoughts start going through your head. What many do not know is that the United States strip club annual revenue as of September 2016 was $3.1 billion according to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average earning for a “dancer” or “stripper” as well as club managers can be anywhere from $40,000 to over $100,000 based on the club’s location, customer base and the amount you are contracted to work. According to information from IBISWorld industry research report on strip clubs published in March 2017, the industry over the last five years has grown steadily, while per capita disposable income increased at an annualized rate of 1.6 percent contributing to consumers engaging in leisure activities such as visiting a gentlemen’s club. Waitresses, bartenders, DJ’s, managers and general staff help to make sales and all reap the benefits of a good nights work.

Journalism at Michigan State University

Real estate offers opportunities to grow one’s own business

The trend of property buying has continued to grow, especially in Detroit. There are currently 1,300 properties in Detroit that are in some stage of foreclosure, default, auction or bank owned, while the number of homes listed for sale. With the increase of available property being sold and auctioned, there comes an increase in the number of of property buyers. Like Vernon Grimes III, a Detroit native who has recently started his own property development and management company with four other co-owners. There are almost 28 million small businesses in the U.S. and over 22 million are self-employed with no additional payroll or employees, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

‘It’s not easy’ being part of Lansing’s heavy metal music scene

The history of metal music can be traced back to England, when economic growth became slower and unemployment started rising after World War II. Black Sabbath, the first major heavy metal band, formed and expressed the feelings of desolation. Then the metal music spread all over the world. Today in Lansing, the metal music bands, or underground music society, has a foundation of the audiences in these years, but still facing a lot of difficulties. “It’s not easy, being any musician, especially in a metal band, is very difficult,” said Alfonso Civile, the booking agent at the Loft, a venue dedicated to live, original touring music in Lansing.

Does the ‘New Detroit’ have room for native Detroiters?

DETROIT — On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, Janet Webster Jones, a lifelong Detroiter and owner of Source Booksellers, recalls a time when black Detroit residents were unable to invest in their own city. “Detroit went through a period where outside investors would not come to Detroit for reasons of race and fear of a place where people don’t look like them,” explained Jones. “And the banks wouldn’t give any money to the black and brown Detroiters who wanted to invest in the city.”

Jones felt that this had to do with representation in the bank system. “There was a time when we had absolutely no bank tellers of color,” she recalled. “Then Dr. Charles H. Wright went on a campaign to get banks to hire black people as tellers at least, which is the lowest level of employment.”

However, despite the adversities faced by blacks in Detroit, many still managed to create independent communities.

‘The Great Fire Wall’ is how China censors online activity

XI’AN, China — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are something most people need every day in the United States; people share stories, opinions, and different voices. However, in China, these social medias are all banned by the Chinese censorship, known as “The Great Fire Wall.”

Most of the people only use WeChat, Weibo such social media, which are mostly only used in China to connect with each other and share their voices. During the 2016 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, the current Chinese Chairman Jinping Xi represents the willingness of working with the international community and claimed the goal of the future network. “We put the common welfare as the fundamental,” said Xi. “we insist the concept of network sovereignty to promote global Internet governance towards a more justly and reasonable direction, to advance the network space to achieve equal respect, innovation, development, open sharing, safe and orderly society.

Northern Michigan golfing offers a short season but great variety

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Although the golf industry in Traverse City faces seasonal issues by Northern Michigan’s harsh winters, it comes back in full swing as spring swings around. Traverse City offers golf courses across the area with designs like Arnold Palmer’s, Jack Niclkaus’s, Jerry Matthews, Gary Player’s etc. The sport attracts large amounts of business which in turn impacts the city immensely. Michael DeAgostino at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, says they offer three distinguished 18-hole championship courses, as well as private lessons, on-course instruction, team builds, ladies-only schools, junior camps, clinics for corporate groups, memberships, and club fitting.