Marijuana petitions signed at Ann Arbor Hash Bash

By Rene Kiss
MI First Election

Snow flurries and pot smoke blew through Ann Arbor as thousands of marijuana legalization supporters gathered for the 45th Annual Hash Bash on April 2. Hash Bash is a two-part event. The annual marijuana protest takes place in the heart of the University of Michigan’s main campus in Ann Arbor, and the Monroe Street Fair is held two blocks south of there. More than two dozen speakers addressed the crowd about the legalization campaign. At “high noon,” the first speaker took the stage: actor-musician Tommy Chong.

Voting online still too vulnerable

By Ben Muir
MI First Election

Launching a campaign that would allow voters to cast ballots online is a convenient and simple thought. But considering the idiosyncrasies of each person’s vote, the inability to verify each online voter, and lack of security, an online election is too much of a threat to democracy, experts say. The technology of the 21st century has made it so virtually any daily chore can be completed from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Marie Wicks is the East Lansing City Clerk, Freedom of Information Act Coordinator, and proponent of voting online.  Wicks said an online election would expand political reach and inspire youth.

Issues bring out Delhi voters

By Macaulie Fritz,
Heather Hoffmeyer
and Max King
MI First Election staff writers

DELHI—Township residents came to the polls with some of the statewide proposals as top issues. Proposal 2 was a popular issue. The proposal deals with safeguarding collective bargaining powers for all workers. Katharine Washburn, a Delhi resident, said she is for Proposal 2 because it does not change anything, despite what negative ads claim. “It’s just protecting what’s already there,” said Washburn.