Heather’s Dance Company strives to be a positive institution in St. Johns

By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Heather’s Dance Company is an institution that sets itself apart from the rest when it comes to representing themselves. This company at 221 N. Clinton Ave. is Christian-based with the motto “Praise God through dance,” always making sure to represent God in the most pleasing way. “Dance can create community through shared experience, whether it be in the classroom or in a more public environment.

Recreation trail running through St. Johns needs a touch-up

By Liam Tiernan
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Just south of downtown St. Johns, a somewhat-dilapidated concrete trail draws the line of where downtown ends and warehouses begin. The Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail runs from Owosso, through St. Johns, and finally turns into the Fred Meijer Grand River Trail, which proceeds throughout the western part of the state.

Growing use of The Basic Needs Center points to Clinton County poverty

By Emily Elconin
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

For the families in Clinton County who have nowhere else to turn, The Basic Needs Center is there to provide food, clothes, and other vital necessities for a basic household.  Married couple Adele MacCoy and Pastor Russ MacCoy started this non-profit organization six years ago out of their compassion for helping people in their community. “When we first just started out, we only thought we would be helping about 100 families.  Now, we’re up to 1,666 families over the course of six years,” Adele MacCoy said. The Basic Needs Center is located at 105 N. Clinton Ave. in St. Johns.

In a downtown of mom-and-pops, Hungry Howie’s is a chain outlier in St. Johns

By Nathaniel Bott
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Strolling down the quaint downtown of St. Johns, visitors will see an abundance of local-owned small businesses and restaurants. There may be a tattoo parlor, a few barber shops, and landmarks such as a courthouse and library, trademarks of a county seat town. The United States Census Bureau puts the population of St.

DeWitt local runs for treasurer

By Tiara Marocco
Staff Writer

DEWITT, MI – The weather is not the only change slowly approaching in Michigan. With the local elections coming up, candidates are trying to prove why they should be considered.  In Clinton County, “the treasurer is responsible for all receipts, disbursements, and investments of County funds.”

Republican Tina Ward is the Clinton County treasurer and is running for this position again.  The responsibilities of the Treasurer include “processing property tax settlements with the 27 local units, collect delinquent property taxes from individuals, performs tax adjustments as instructed by the Michigan Tax Tribunal, the State Tax Commission and local Boards of Review, performs tax searches and histories and issues all dog licenses.”

Democrat Annette Wright is running against the current treasurer.  Wright attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1990, where she got her Masters of Business Administration.  She is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Getting the vote

By Tiara Marocco
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer
October 1, 2012

BATH, Mich.  – With September over, Election Day is a month away and this year, Bath board members are trying to get out the vote. Bath Township is encouraging young people to use their voice and vote. “We’re doing a mailer this week that will go out to a significant amount of our student population that will encourage registration for voting,” said Paula Clark, Bath Township supervisor. Clark, along with other Township Board members, went to the Chandler Crossings apartments in East Lansing, mainly student-populated complex, where they spoke with students about registering to vote. “I am registered [to vote] and plan to vote this year because I feel it is my duty as a citizen,” said local resident, Grace Perry, 20.  “I believe that as long as the younger generation is knowledgeable on the current debate information, there is no reason that they shouldn’t vote because their generation will be even more so affected by this election.”

Not only does every vote make a difference, but voting is also a good experience, especially to those who are doing it for the first time, expressed Bath resident, Rachel Dugan.